Loves first kiss or loves first crush…

Everyone keeps asking me what it feels like to have a book out.  The best answer I can give is in a metaphor.

 It’s your senior year.  You’ve been dating a very handsome and wonderful guy for almost 6 months.  Neither you nor he has said, “I love you” yet.
Your heart skips a beat when you pass him in the halls.  You smile when you hear his voice on the other end of the phone.  You know you’re falling in love with him.  But why hasn’t he said that he loves you?  This feeling is making you worried and uncomfortable.
He calls after school on a Friday and asks if tomorrow you would like to go out to your favorite restaurant with him … just the two of you … no friends.  You feel the butterflies in your stomach and try not to sound too eager when you say “yes.”
You and he have been on many dates before, but usually friends are there too.  And he’s come over to watch movies at your house.  You’ve been over to his a few times as well.  You always see him, at least once, over the weekend.  But this date was going to be special; you’re going to tell him how you feel.
That night you can’t sleep.  You don’t even feel like calling and talking to your best friend because if she finds out it might get to him before you tell him.  She’s a great best friend, but you can hold your breath longer than she can hold a secret.  You lay there most of the night thinking of all the things he might say.  You’re hoping your brave enough tomorrow.  You’re scared, but you still love him.  You think about not going tomorrow out of fear, but you need to.  If you don’t tell him tomorrow, you know you never will.  You finally pass out into dreamland.
The next morning, when you wake up, you have a new zit in the dead center of your forehead.  You take longer than you ever have getting ready.  Thank goodness you started at noon and he isn’t going to pick you up until 6pm.  When you get ready you cover up your pimple with your bangs and some foundation.  You wear your hair down and in curls; because that is the way he likes it.  You take your time with each curl to make sure it is faultless.  You wear a dress that is most flattering to your curves.  You shaved your legs more careful then you ever have before; out of fear of having to wear a bandage under you tights.  You do your make-up just a little different, but it turns out great.  As you put on your new shoes you see you have a run in your tights.  With a heavy sigh you change them, now you are ready.  You look in the mirror.  Everything is done.  You look at your hands, you forgot your fingernails.  Tonight you need everything perfect, you don’t want one single detail to go unnoticed.  You sit down and do your nails.  The doorbell rings right as you are putting on your lip gloss and perfume.  You are ready.  You walk down the stairs, more nervous than you’ve ever been before.  He’s there waiting for you.  Your mom tells you look cute, she smiles, and leaves after you’ve descended the stair case.  He helps you with your coat.  You wished he would say something.
On the way there he mentions that you smell nice.  You smile and say thank you, so happy to receive a complement.  At your destination he turns, looks at you, and smiles but says nothing.  He gets out of the car.  You feel very panicky right now.  You’re out here, no friends to joke with, no car of your own to leave in, what if he dumps you and you’re all alone.  The car door opens, it’s him.  You step out.  Both of you walk into the restaurant.  You can’t find words.  The two of you always talk, but there are no words now.  You feel a lump in your throat.  You look around nervously.  When you are both seated he makes a joke about how maybe the two of you should have come with a few friends.  That didn’t help you any, now you’re thinking about not saying anything and never leaving your house again.
As you are sitting across the table from him you look at him.  He is so handsome.  He is everything you love and want in a boyfriend.  You think of your first date for a minute and smile at him.  Then, without much more thinking, you say it … you say, “I love you.”  He looks at you for what feels like eternity with a blank stare.  You just wish you could crawl under a rock and hide.  But you said it, it’s out there.  He knows and you are awaiting his response…

 Yeah, that is where I am right now.  He’s staring at me.  I know that he is going to give me many different answers.  Some will be bad, some good, but I hope that the good out weighs that bad.

For all authors out there who have been here before me, I just want to let you know; I think you are all very brave people.  For all of you that are getting here … I hope he says that he loves you very much.  Good luck to you all!


For those who read wish lists…

I was once pestered and bothered about what I wanted for Christmas.  I never ask for anything because I’m very content with all I have.  But a dear friend and a few others would not leave me be one year.  They asked me to make a list of the top 5 things I really wanted for Christmas.  Because I didn’t want them to waste their money on me and because I felt I needed nothing I came up with this list…
1. A pocket of endless twenty dollar bills.
2. A real fairy.
3. A life-size castle (tax free) with a massive amount of land attached.
4. To wake up 20lbs lighter without having a sickness, amputation, or liposuction … just to wake up naturally thinner.
5. For everyone in the world to be happy, healthy, and love each other.
I have added a few things to my list over the years and randomly pick one when someone asks me what I would like…
The winning lotto ticket, but no losing ones since that’s a waste of money.
7. For everyone in the world to treat others how they want to be treated.
8. For all lost, kidnapped, and missing children to return home safe.
9. For me to not have to look up how to spell “neighbor,” “definitely,” or “torture” every time I want to use them.  I have no idea why these words are hard for me but I would love to spell them right.
10. A 2006 Alpha H1 Hummer.  Those babies cost about $400,000 when they were new and are supposed to be the best.
Of course I do have a new wish right now (as everyone knows) … I would love for The Strongest Fire to be out before Christmas.
So there are a few things on my list that are a little selfish.  But the top three I truly hope for are number 5, 7, and 8.
I would love to read other peoples wishes, so if you have any you’d like to share, feel free to list them.  🙂  Or if you have any cute ones from your children, or ones from when you were a child… those always warm the heart.
I just love wishes.

 About the book.  I just opened an e-mail that said…

“Hello Sarah,
Our print data specialist informed me that there has been a back up at the printer for title to go LIVE, so there has been a delay in getting your book files set up.
I am very sorry for this, and wanted to let you know that I am in discussion with your book consultant about expediting your shipments and getting the books to you as soon as humanly possible once the files are set up.
Your book consultant, XXXX XXXXXXXX, will be contacting you very soon regarding your timeline.
Once again, I am very sorry for this delay; thank you so much for your continued patience, and I hope you have a wonderful day.”

I will let everyone one know what is going on, when I know what is going on.

I typed all of this very early yesterday but never got around to posting it.

Noted; one of my biggest flaws is I’m impatient…

I’ve been waiting to write a blog for when my book is finally released.  Still it is not out.  I know I was told “before Christmas,” but I was also told not to be too shocked if it was before Thanksgiving.  But that was a little iffy.  So now I’m waiting and hoping that it comes out soon.  The book missed “Black Friday” and the book missed “Cyber Monday,” both dates I was really hoping to make.  All I can see being done right now on MyUniverse is “Checking for Indexing” which, in all truth, I have no idea what that means.  I just know that I have been told it means I’m near done.  It has said that since the 16th of Nov.
So this is just a quick blog to say that I have not forgotten about my blog.  I’ve been keeping busy so I don’t stress and worry about when The Strongest Fire will be out.  In keeping busy I am done with my shopping.  Anything I buy at this point is just a bonus.  My little one asked for a few books, so I might jump on Amazon and see if I can find them.  Then I’ll just buy my oldest a few books when I do to make it even.
Here is a link to what I want… 
I’m not going to get it, but a girl can dream.  I also want a real *fairy, the **big winning lotto ticket, a castle (tax free), my book to be a big success, the world to be peaceful, happy, and healthy, to finish writing my 3rd book soon, and many other dreams to come true.  🙂

*I really like the color purple, but any color of fairy will work (just incase Santa is reading this).
**The winning lotto ticket only costs $1 so I don’t see this as too foolish of a gift, but I don’t really want anyone to waste the money on a losing ticket since that won’t do anyone any good.

P.S. And Santa, if you’re reading, I’ve asked every year nicely… Can I please have a pocket of endless twenties?  I’ll use it for good things.  😀

Authors do not get to pick the prices…

I was told the prices for The Strongest Fire. I still do not know how much it will be on the Kindle and Sony reader. I will be buying that package next month! I did ask about the Nook and it is not determined yet whether or not the Nook will carry iUniverse books. My assumption is they will over time and that they just need to hammer out all the details. But that is just an assumption and I know nothing of the inside deals this company is going to make.
*looks around nervously*
So, without further ado…
*drum roll*
The prices are…
*opens cyber envelope*
E-Book $6.00
Perfect Bound Softcover (aka trade paperback) $18.95
Casebound Hardcover (sleek, no dust jacket) $28.95
I wish the prices were just a few dollars lower. And if there is anyway for me to take a cut in percentage to make these books a little more inexpensive, I will. I want my books read, easily available, and affordable for everyone. Unfortunately authors do not get to set the prices.
If anyone would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to ask.
I still do not have an exact date, but I was told that it will be out before Christmas.

August, September, October, November…

I have not counted days, weeks, and months like this since I was expecting my daughters.
Here’s what my chart thingy/timeline looks like right now.  I still don’t have any clue when my book will be done.  I know I’m close.  I know that even though I am close bad things can still happen.  I know I’ll have one more look at everything before it’s ready to be finished.  I don’t know how long that will take on their side, but from what I understand on my side it should just be a quick check and a stamp of approval.  I’m still hoping everything will be done before the Holidays

Send Marketing Success Workbook 08/03/2009 Ready  
Implement Proofreading Cover Corrections 11/10/2009 Active  
QA Proofreading Interior Modifications 11/10/2009 Ready  
Submit Materials 07/29/2009 Success  
Evaluate Manuscript 08/03/2009 Success  
EE Preparation 08/04/2009 Success  
Conduct Editorial Evaluation 08/04/2009 Success  
Conduct Evaluation QA 08/13/2009 Success  
Send Evaluation to Author 08/13/2009 Success  
Author Review Evaluation 08/17/2009 Success  
Editorial Consultation 08/17/2009 Success  
Submit Revised MS-Post Eval 08/28/2009 Success  
Conduct edit 08/28/2009 Success  
Conduct Edit QA 09/11/2009 Success  
Send Edit to Author 09/15/2009 Success  
Assign PSA to Project 09/24/2009 Success  
Prepare for Design 09/24/2009 Success  
Polish Cover Copy 09/24/2009 Success  
Setup Proofreading 09/30/2009 Success  
Design Interior 10/01/2009 Success  
Design Cover 10/01/2009 Success  
Author Review Edit 09/18/2009 Success  
Conduct Interior QA 10/02/2009 Success  
Conduct Cover Design QA 10/05/2009 Success  
Submit Final MS – Edit 10/06/2009 Success  
Confirm Proofreading Readiness 10/06/2009 Success  
Conduct Proofreading 10/06/2009 Success  
Conduct Proofreading QA 10/29/2009 Success  
Send Proofread to Author 10/29/2009 Success  
Author Review Proofreading Interior 10/29/2009 Success  
Author Review Proofreading Cover 10/29/2009 Success  
Submit Proofreading Corrections 11/10/2009 Success  
Implement Proofreading Interior Corrections 11/10/2009 Success  

A story within a story…

I’ve really been having a hard time thinking of what to put in a blog while I’m waiting. I called about the postponement on my proofread and was told it was just the editor. They must have had too much on their plate.
I’ve cleaned… a lot. My youngest daughter had a birthday, I had an anniversary, and the day before Halloween my oldest will be 13. She was born at 8:11pm… so close, she almost made it.
I have been typing some, not as much as I wished though. I’ve edited the second book, and I’m really happy with it. I got to the part that I wanted to get passed in book 3. Plus I am about 17,000 words into book 3. There were like 3 or 4 chapters that had to be in there that I just wanted to get past because to me it felt like… well, hum? Imagine it’s your 8th birthday; you’re getting to have a big birthday party. All of your friends are going to be there. There will be cake, gifts, ice cream, balloons, and your grandparents promised you something ‘really big’. Your party is after lunch. You woke up early in anticipation of the big day. You had breakfast, got ready, and as soon as you could convince your mom, ate lunch. Lunch was a little early because you have very little patience today. You asked your mom about 8,000 times “When?” “What time is it?” and “How much longer do I have to wait?” and your mom is getting a little upset with you over this, so you go and stand by the window. You stare out at the front yard. You stare for what feels like hours and hours. You wish for nothing more but your friends to show up in one big bus that your grandparents are driving. But, no, they all come slowly. First your dad shows up with the birthday cake, you had no idea dad had even left because you want your friends here so badly. Dad shows you what the cake looks like, you smile when you see it, but you keep glancing over to the window with the little kid desire for the guests to arrive. The next guest who shows up is your little cousin; the one guest you wish hadn’t shown up at all. They want to play but you want to wait by that window. You want to see who will be next. Your mom nags you to play with your little cousin you just can’t pull yourself away from that window. The next person shows up, finally a friend. They are just as excited as you and neither of you can tear your eyes away from that window. Where is everyone and why don’t they get here? You want your gifts, your cake, to play games, the balloons. A few more friends show up, and slowly a few more. You are still looking at the window every few minutes but you are no longer standing in front of it. Everyone is there but your grandparents. You have to wait. You think of the last time grandma and grandpa took you for an ice cream and you were sure it took grandpa twice as long to get to the sweetshop as it does your father. After a while they arrive with a really big gift. Now your birthday party is set in motion, everything is wonderful and happy. You don’t even mind your little cousin like you did at first. Over all, you are very happy. Your mom comes in and tells everyone it’s time for cake, then games, then presents. The world is well. My story was at the wait for the guests to arrive point. It is just as important as the party, even a little more so, but now I can write about the excitement, expectation, adventures, conflict, and much more. Yes, the first chapters had some of that. Like the cake showing up at the party and the little cousin, but the best stuff is yet to come.
I just realized there is a part of me that would love to be 8 again and have my worst worries be when can the party start, rather than the grown ups worry of getting it ready, making everyone happy, cleaning up, and so on. But there is another part of me that is so glad I don’t have to worry about all the little things that used to get me in trouble.
Oh and next month I should have my website.  I’ve got my fingers crossed, legs crossed, and eyes crossed, don’t ask me how I’m typing this, I just am. 🙂


I just got an e-mail where the editor who is proofreading my manuscript just asked for a postponement for one week longer. I’m not upset, but I have no idea why. As an author, I have a wild imagination and this could mean 5,000 things.
First, the worry side of me starts in. “I hope no one is sick or had a family member die.” “Is there a problem with my book?” “Did aliens invade earth and are robbing us of our editors time?” “Did they find a major mistake and need to point it out and fix it?” “Did they lose all of their work and have their computer crash?” “How many calories were in that 1 pound bag of M&Ms I just downed from stressing out?”
Then the karma me kicks in with the whole, “You shouldn’t have been talking about how smoothly this whole thing was going. This waiting is entirely your fault.”
Then the optimist me smiles and starts to float in on her happy little lavender cloud. “Not to worry,” she sings in a sweet silver voice that I wish I had. “Life is good. Maybe they think your book is a pearl and are talking to their boss about how wonderful it is.” Yeah, I wish! LOL 😛
Then my skeptical voice that I wish would pipe down says sarcastically, “Yeah right. More than likely, the person took a job that was paying more and pushed your pathetic little book to the back.” She smacks her gum repugnantly and then continues. “You know the world is only out for itself, not you.”
That’s when I stop listening because I always try to see people in a better light than in a mini-villain type persona.
I will now wait for a few weeks and see. I will also call and nicely ask if there is a problem in my book or if this was a personal matter, and pry no further. With just that natural feeling one has when one has paid over $1,000, one likes to know to some degree why things are delayed.
Moral of the story ~ never make an imaginative author wait or they will worry that you have been abducted by a mob of time traveling weregoblins whose main desire is to see literature books of the future go into publication with misspellings, improper grammar, and poor punctuation.