Vampires don’t die…

I’ve been reading a lot of media lately that has made it sound like vampires are dead.  Well, the living dead maybe, but the truth is vampires just don’t die… at least not in literature or in films.  Sometimes they seem to take a nap, or not be as noticed, but over all people love them.  With a number of reasons why… There is a ‘what if’ feeling when we read about them, “What if that were me?”  There is a mystery to them, “What is their past?”  “How long have they lived?”  There is a small little mischievous wish and hope for them to be real just like there is to be turned into one.  “That would be cool, but I wouldn’t want to be their snack.”  The angelic side of everyone says, “I would never want to be one.”  And there is the disobedient side that smiles at the thought, “I would be different.  I would be nice… nice and very well off.”  Lets face it, that’s one of the drawing points to them is the idea of everlasting wealth, that and the whole not aging thing.  The wealth is just a bonus, because if one only needs to drink blood and not much can do physical harm, or cause illness to them, what does one really need cash for?  All of that money would go to play.  These are the points that draw a large amount of us to these creatures of the night.  Yes, the inability to have babies, some sunlight might be bad, maybe no reflection, and/or having an odd fear of religious symbols have drawbacks.  But when it’s looked at as a whole, never being sick again, staying young, no more blemishes, money and gold, power to control or manipulate, everlasting life, still looking normal, and/or having an awesome ability, who cares if the local village is a little nervous when you’re around.  Truthfully, I wouldn’t want to sparkle… ever (but that’s only one author’s view point), I could never take another person’s life, and I would miss my family, but to be able to sit and dream through a book or movie what I would be like as an immortal, well, I will never be tired of that.  I know I’m not alone.  Reading and watching about vampires is one of America’s favorite pastimes.  Thanks to Halloween, there is even a time of year that helps to keep them living even though they are dead.


Do tell…

I am writing about vampires (as about half of America is also doing.)  I love vampire stories.  I have since I was a kid.  I remember my dad letting me see Dracula with Bella Lugosi and I was just wowed by him in anything horror.  Dracula was on late night TV and it was black and white, I did not complain, I just watched it and was freaked out but not scared.  I thought the black and white color made it even more suspenseful.  Then, when Bram Stoker’s Dracula came out (I was a teen), I watched that thing 100 times, then I saw Dead and Loving It and watched that about 1000 times.  It’s funny because I am not a blood person.  I hate a ton of blood but I can see anything vampire, read anything vampire and I am just fine.  I should say almost anything.  I just couldn’t watch The Little Vampire… I thought about it, but I can’t.  Although I have seen Monster Squad more times then any adult should admit.  Luckily, I have an excuse that one did come out when I was a kid.

I have also read a number of vampire books and have enjoyed how everyone views them.  In role playing (yes, I know dorky) there is also a difference between Ravenloft and Masquerade… there is always a difference in vampires, it makes writing, reading, playing (both role playing and video games like Kain and BloodRayne are very different) and watching vampire movies is so much fun.  Who is right and who is wrong?  How do you see vampires?  Are your vampires three witch-like women with lovely bodies and a taste for human blood?  Is there only Dracula?  Do you like that Forever Knight type good vampire, or the Buffy and Angel relationship, or do you go for the cold, uncaring Underworld vampire?  Do your vampires sparkle in the sun or are they only half-vampire/half-man and killing off all the rest of the vampire race?  Do your vampires turn to dust in the sun, can they transform into bats?  Do your vampires drink human or animal blood?

In just the essence of Vampires, there is something romantic, frightening, and mysterious about them… they can make fiction fun.