Excuse me; I’ve got some clothes to scan…

On Sunday the new washer arrived.  My 14 year old was acting a bit like a 6 year old on Christmas morning in her squeals, jumps, handclaps, and giggles.

In her teenageness she might have been a little too freaky-happy though, but at least she was happy. 🙂

After the deliveryman left, my husband and I tried it out. There were lots of new buttons and dials. No more pushing in the knob, turning it, and pulling it out, nope.  Now everything had to be set and a button pushed.  After we loaded the new contraption we got it started.  It locked. It took a few moments to start. It filled up and then……

It didn’t sound like a washing machine at all. We couldn’t flip the lid open to see if it was working… it had locked. My husband and I were at a total loss.  We kept asking one another if it should sound like that.

I thought about making a few phone calls to see if this thing was working right and only one made since.

We’ve come to the conclusion that either the new washer is having an identity crisis or someone is lost in there.

In all truth it sounds like a photocopier that was scanning and then printing out clothes.  Maybe it was raised by a wild pack of Xerox machines.


Happy Birthday…

No, not me, Star Wars.  Well, yes, I guess me too, but mine was yesterday.  I’m one year and one day older than A New Hope.  I love that movie!  I know most of us do.  When I was younger I always felt that it was *my* movie because my birthday was always right near the release dates and anniversary dates. As a small kid it made me feel very special.  Star Wars (A New Hope) was May 25, 1977, Empire Strikes Back was May 21, 1980, Return of the Jedi was May 25, 1983, The Phantom Menace was May 19, 1999, Attack of the Clones was May 16, 2002, and Revenge of the Sith was May 19, 2005, all close enough to mine for me to feel like they were mine. Hey, I was a small kid for the first three!  I don’t feel like that now… Ok, maybe a little. But what is life without the small things that make us feel like we were who it was made for. My oldest loves Halloween and feels like it was made just for her. My husband likes to use Easter break for his b-day.  My 11 year old used to think that picture day (at school) was just for her birthday. We associate these good and happy things with our birthdays to make us feel extraordinary. I would LOVE to read in the comments what others place with their birthdays that make them feel great about themselves on their special day or days… it doesn’t have to be a birthday.