Even being a stay home mom I work with clowns…

I was sitting down minding my own business editing when I was needed to run to the store really fast to grab a few things for dinner. I left all my editing stuff out (although I did take my phone with me).  Leaving it all out might have been a mistake.

This is how it looked when I left…

One computer has all my writing (I don’t have internet on it), one has a dictionary/ thesaurus open, and one is just for research. I know I could have windows open for the research and thesaurus, but I didn’t want too. Also I had my phone next to me because I always get phone calls and texts when I’m writing or editing — not because of Facebook or Twitter or anything. I’d never waste time there. 😛 The binder is one of my beta’s with their notes and such, and the list on the binder is my “said list.”

When I returned home from my store run I found this…

Ok, one of these is broken, one is my oldest daughter’s, one is my husband’s, and then they put their cell phones on the high chair… *deep sigh*

Yep, I can’t get away from clowns in my work place. I guess I should be glad that they didn’t mess with anything important.

Note ~ My “said list” is a list of about 100-200 ways to say “said” so I don’t always say “she said” or “he said.” It reminds me to add the extra emotion and use words like words for example “she cried” or “he chuckled.” When I first write the story I usually write it so fast I just over kill the word “said.”



I have a few books that I am working on. The Vampiress Sagas, of course, is the one at the very front of my work load.  There are more though.  I have been working on a comedy sci-fi that I truly hope is funny.  Another one that I’m working on is a YA fantasy.  Then I have family life, kids with school, husband just back to work, and (for those of you who don’t know… I’m finally talking) in September I’m due to have another baby.  So, yeah, right now I’m juggling.
The Vampiress Sagas is my prime, ‘you have to work on this’ book.  There will be four in that series when it is done.  But there will also be a planned three in another series with a large amount of the same characters.  I’ve fallen in love (or a wonderful dislike) with most of the heroes, villains, and anybodies in this series that I don’t know if I will ever tire of working with them. (Ahhhh, warm fuzzies.)
The sci-fi book is my second priority with work, and the one my husband is dying to read the most.  He absolutely loves the storyline.  He loves the others too, it’s just this one makes him laugh and it tests some of my boundaries.  I’m writing this one a little differently, and working on changing some of my style… just for this book.  I work on this story when I’m in a more playful mood and just can’t settle into my vampire world.  This book also takes very little historical research.  So if I’m stuck in a doctor’s office for an hour I can just freely type without having to worry about investigating the past.
Just like with The Vampiress Sagas my YA fantasy has been in my head for years.  When I was in high school I wrote a short story of it in a journal.  I’ve also, over the years, have had several dreams with this storyline.  I work on this when I’m in a dreamy mood.  And although the characters in this book and the sci-fi one are fun, enjoyable, completely developed, I just can’t see either being more than one book worth, so no sequels are planned.
There is also an additional book that I have to start thinking about… I think it will be a novella.  My 10 year old requested that I write a werewolf book.  I’m going to need to think about it very carefully.  I’ve never planned on writing anything with werewolves.  I’ve loved and enjoyed several movies and books featuring or ‘starring’ them, I just never planned on this.  I think it’ll be a challenge, but one I’m sure I can handle.  I’m only doing it because she was a little broken hearted that my vampire book had sharks, zombies, and vampires, but not her favorite… the werewolf.  I still will not add one in my vampire world because they don’t work there, but I will write a story just for her.
My husband started back to work two weeks ago, but his students just came back last week.  He has been upset about the lack of reading that will go on this year.  His school, like so many others, got rid of their AR reading program and they are not getting another reading program in its place.  With him being the high school librarian he is going to need to come up with an incentive program for the kids or most of them will never read.  It’s really sad.  My daughters start back soon and they are both a little eager.  And everyone wishes that my due date was in July so we could have started the adjustment period with the new baby when the family was all at home.
So here I am working on three different stories, while trying to think of a fourth.  My husband and kids are getting ready for school and my baby is getting ready for her big day… the day that will always be her birthday.

Here is my little question/s for you… How many books are you taking on at once?  And if you are also adjusting to the new school year, how are you taking it?

August, September, October, November…

I have not counted days, weeks, and months like this since I was expecting my daughters.
Here’s what my chart thingy/timeline looks like right now.  I still don’t have any clue when my book will be done.  I know I’m close.  I know that even though I am close bad things can still happen.  I know I’ll have one more look at everything before it’s ready to be finished.  I don’t know how long that will take on their side, but from what I understand on my side it should just be a quick check and a stamp of approval.  I’m still hoping everything will be done before the Holidays

Send Marketing Success Workbook 08/03/2009 Ready  
Implement Proofreading Cover Corrections 11/10/2009 Active  
QA Proofreading Interior Modifications 11/10/2009 Ready  
Submit Materials 07/29/2009 Success  
Evaluate Manuscript 08/03/2009 Success  
EE Preparation 08/04/2009 Success  
Conduct Editorial Evaluation 08/04/2009 Success  
Conduct Evaluation QA 08/13/2009 Success  
Send Evaluation to Author 08/13/2009 Success  
Author Review Evaluation 08/17/2009 Success  
Editorial Consultation 08/17/2009 Success  
Submit Revised MS-Post Eval 08/28/2009 Success  
Conduct edit 08/28/2009 Success  
Conduct Edit QA 09/11/2009 Success  
Send Edit to Author 09/15/2009 Success  
Assign PSA to Project 09/24/2009 Success  
Prepare for Design 09/24/2009 Success  
Polish Cover Copy 09/24/2009 Success  
Setup Proofreading 09/30/2009 Success  
Design Interior 10/01/2009 Success  
Design Cover 10/01/2009 Success  
Author Review Edit 09/18/2009 Success  
Conduct Interior QA 10/02/2009 Success  
Conduct Cover Design QA 10/05/2009 Success  
Submit Final MS – Edit 10/06/2009 Success  
Confirm Proofreading Readiness 10/06/2009 Success  
Conduct Proofreading 10/06/2009 Success  
Conduct Proofreading QA 10/29/2009 Success  
Send Proofread to Author 10/29/2009 Success  
Author Review Proofreading Interior 10/29/2009 Success  
Author Review Proofreading Cover 10/29/2009 Success  
Submit Proofreading Corrections 11/10/2009 Success  
Implement Proofreading Interior Corrections 11/10/2009 Success  

But is it worth it…

The PSA thing could have gone a little better, but everything got worked out in the end.  I guess my PSA is on maternity leave and another lady is taking her workload and well… it just got a little confusing.  It seems to all be fine now and everything is ok.  At least I expected a few bumps in the road.

Now on to the next part, this is where I’m going “Oh crap, what do I do?”  Marketing!  There is a ton of different options in the marketing area.  You could spend $100,000 here easy and still want to get a few more things.  This is a hard area.  I was thinking of spending another $600 to $1,000, which I could make in 1 large payment or over 4 monthly smaller payments.  I could do that, but then there is this package that I was told about by my Senior Market Consultant.  It’s lovely and it cost $3,000 which is more than we planned on.  But it is perfect.  But ouch! I don’t know if we can take another hit of that much cash, and the truth is, I don’t know if I’m worth it.  If so, my book would come to near $10,000, maybe over.  I would have to look over everything again to see exactly how much.  I felt the edit was worth it, I felt the proofread was a must, and I know this book won’t sale itself, but is this worth it?

Here is the link so you can view and judge…


Yes, I do want it.  I’m not saying that.  It would be sweet if I could have it.  But can we do it?  This one I just don’t know.  I know if we did, I would have to wait until after Christmas to do it.  That’s a fact.  I know I should sleep on the idea first anyway.  But can I ask my family to be broke for another 4 months because of me and my book?  Because that is what it would come down to.  We would be very broke, nothing in the house could break, but we could do it.  It would just be very very very very very very tight.  And the payments would be $749 a month for 4 months… ouch and *deep breath*

My wonderful husband is leaving this up to me, but I don’t know if I want that kind of weight that comes with that kind of “do what you want” gift…

Happy Halloween one of the craziest times of the years…

Just in time for my daughter’s birthday I get back my proofread.  So of course it’s in the back of my head and will be there until this weekend is over.  I forgot not only is it b-day party, slumber party, Halloween party, its family b-day party at grandma’s on Sunday.  WHY DID I SAY YES?!?!?!  I think my daughters have discovered the ‘ask an author while they are in the middle of writing and they will say yes to things (sometimes) without thinking’ fact.  I had already said yes to the slumber party and Halloween party while I was not under the influence of characters in a book.  It was the extra party I didn’t plan on.  Then my husband reminded me that we are going over to his mom’s Sunday and that’s about the time I started banging my head against the wall.
The proofread looks really good.  There are very few problems and I am allowed 50 free changes.  The book cover looks a little different than I thought… they didn’t use the font I requested.  The way it looks though is nice, it’s not bad at all.  My husband doesn’t think I should ask to change it, so I probably won’t.  They did do something slightly odd.  I didn’t want a dust jacket/clothbound and it looks like they set me up with that type.  The reason I requested casebound is because I hated working with the dust jackets when I was in the library and I always take them off when I read a book, as do both of my daughters and my husband.  But I’m guessing it was just part of the package and they just designed it.  At least I am hoping that is the case.  But I will call on Monday and ask.  All and all I think I will be done with this part soon hopefully a day or two after this party weekend
I hope everyone has a safe night.  If you are drinking please let someone else do the driving, hitting a child who is out trick-or-treating would be a nightmare for everyone.

A story within a story…

I’ve really been having a hard time thinking of what to put in a blog while I’m waiting. I called about the postponement on my proofread and was told it was just the editor. They must have had too much on their plate.
I’ve cleaned… a lot. My youngest daughter had a birthday, I had an anniversary, and the day before Halloween my oldest will be 13. She was born at 8:11pm… so close, she almost made it.
I have been typing some, not as much as I wished though. I’ve edited the second book, and I’m really happy with it. I got to the part that I wanted to get passed in book 3. Plus I am about 17,000 words into book 3. There were like 3 or 4 chapters that had to be in there that I just wanted to get past because to me it felt like… well, hum? Imagine it’s your 8th birthday; you’re getting to have a big birthday party. All of your friends are going to be there. There will be cake, gifts, ice cream, balloons, and your grandparents promised you something ‘really big’. Your party is after lunch. You woke up early in anticipation of the big day. You had breakfast, got ready, and as soon as you could convince your mom, ate lunch. Lunch was a little early because you have very little patience today. You asked your mom about 8,000 times “When?” “What time is it?” and “How much longer do I have to wait?” and your mom is getting a little upset with you over this, so you go and stand by the window. You stare out at the front yard. You stare for what feels like hours and hours. You wish for nothing more but your friends to show up in one big bus that your grandparents are driving. But, no, they all come slowly. First your dad shows up with the birthday cake, you had no idea dad had even left because you want your friends here so badly. Dad shows you what the cake looks like, you smile when you see it, but you keep glancing over to the window with the little kid desire for the guests to arrive. The next guest who shows up is your little cousin; the one guest you wish hadn’t shown up at all. They want to play but you want to wait by that window. You want to see who will be next. Your mom nags you to play with your little cousin you just can’t pull yourself away from that window. The next person shows up, finally a friend. They are just as excited as you and neither of you can tear your eyes away from that window. Where is everyone and why don’t they get here? You want your gifts, your cake, to play games, the balloons. A few more friends show up, and slowly a few more. You are still looking at the window every few minutes but you are no longer standing in front of it. Everyone is there but your grandparents. You have to wait. You think of the last time grandma and grandpa took you for an ice cream and you were sure it took grandpa twice as long to get to the sweetshop as it does your father. After a while they arrive with a really big gift. Now your birthday party is set in motion, everything is wonderful and happy. You don’t even mind your little cousin like you did at first. Over all, you are very happy. Your mom comes in and tells everyone it’s time for cake, then games, then presents. The world is well. My story was at the wait for the guests to arrive point. It is just as important as the party, even a little more so, but now I can write about the excitement, expectation, adventures, conflict, and much more. Yes, the first chapters had some of that. Like the cake showing up at the party and the little cousin, but the best stuff is yet to come.
I just realized there is a part of me that would love to be 8 again and have my worst worries be when can the party start, rather than the grown ups worry of getting it ready, making everyone happy, cleaning up, and so on. But there is another part of me that is so glad I don’t have to worry about all the little things that used to get me in trouble.
Oh and next month I should have my website.  I’ve got my fingers crossed, legs crossed, and eyes crossed, don’t ask me how I’m typing this, I just am. 🙂


I just got an e-mail where the editor who is proofreading my manuscript just asked for a postponement for one week longer. I’m not upset, but I have no idea why. As an author, I have a wild imagination and this could mean 5,000 things.
First, the worry side of me starts in. “I hope no one is sick or had a family member die.” “Is there a problem with my book?” “Did aliens invade earth and are robbing us of our editors time?” “Did they find a major mistake and need to point it out and fix it?” “Did they lose all of their work and have their computer crash?” “How many calories were in that 1 pound bag of M&Ms I just downed from stressing out?”
Then the karma me kicks in with the whole, “You shouldn’t have been talking about how smoothly this whole thing was going. This waiting is entirely your fault.”
Then the optimist me smiles and starts to float in on her happy little lavender cloud. “Not to worry,” she sings in a sweet silver voice that I wish I had. “Life is good. Maybe they think your book is a pearl and are talking to their boss about how wonderful it is.” Yeah, I wish! LOL 😛
Then my skeptical voice that I wish would pipe down says sarcastically, “Yeah right. More than likely, the person took a job that was paying more and pushed your pathetic little book to the back.” She smacks her gum repugnantly and then continues. “You know the world is only out for itself, not you.”
That’s when I stop listening because I always try to see people in a better light than in a mini-villain type persona.
I will now wait for a few weeks and see. I will also call and nicely ask if there is a problem in my book or if this was a personal matter, and pry no further. With just that natural feeling one has when one has paid over $1,000, one likes to know to some degree why things are delayed.
Moral of the story ~ never make an imaginative author wait or they will worry that you have been abducted by a mob of time traveling weregoblins whose main desire is to see literature books of the future go into publication with misspellings, improper grammar, and poor punctuation.