15 years ago today…

Warning ~ there are real pictures of my premature daughter here. She was very sick at birth and I was told that she probably wasn’t going to live past 3 days old.  She had a blood transfusion at 2 days, her first blanket was a little plastic tarp, and many other things happened that I’m just glad we are done with.

Sometimes you don’t want to hear that there is a need to stay in the hospital.

This little baby has taught me how to be brave. I watched her at 7 as she walked away from me to have eye surgery. After the event she cried tears of blood for 3 days. But she did it and she was sweet and kind about the ordeal.  She is one of the strongest and most understanding people, even as a baby (all but that nasty bit of colic).

My 15 year old girl loves pandas. Since she was 6 (and has never shifted) she said that she wants to be a vet. She is the most kind and caring teenager I have ever met. From as early as I can remember she has favored the color orange, but over the last few years she’s picked red as her new fav. She LOVES to text her friends. She has two besties. One is her best-best friend and the other is her best friend. She gets along with near everyone. She has mastered the almost smile that teens love to give.  Her long blond hair has never been cut (but bang) and goes down to her knees. She has a little cow-lick in the front that makes her hair poof there. She loves veggies and has her whole life. When she was two she used to ask for “baby trees” (broccoli) with every meal. She’s a very strong reader.  She calls herself a ‘grass picker’ when it comes to sports and she hates math.

The picture she picked out of the pandas I drew. 😀

Note ~ People ask all the time why she was born early and treat me like it was my fault. I’m allergic to most antibiotics. I had a nasty bladder infection that turned into a kidney infection. Being pregnant they couldn’t give me just anything and there was only one that I could take while I was pregnant. The doctors stopped labor from happening so many times… they just couldn’t that last time.


12 Years ago today…

I talk about my kids all the time on here, so I figured a birthday post for each of them would be nice.

Like I said a few days ago, “Sometimes staying in the hospital for a night or two isn’t such a bad thing.”

This picture (and little girl) is 12 years old today!!!My little pink-tomboy is 12 today. She likes to wear jewelry, pink, dresses (sometimes), and cute things, BUT she also loves books that are more directed for boys, toys that are too, video games also, and most of the time she likes to wear boys t-shirts, shoes, and jeans… with jewelry.  She has been known to play rough and tumbley even though she’s getting older.  All of her jeans have at least one ripped knee… because of her, not the designer. We sometimes call her our pink dragon because one year that was ALL she wanted for Christmas and it fits her just perfect. She likes to look pretty but play the same games as boys. She can be a pink werewolf or cat too. If she’s not walking around with her DS in her hands she walking around with a book in them.

Note ~ I wished the nurses told me she was getting her picture taken when they took her to draw blood. I would’ve put her in a cute little outfit for her first picture, but the relative that went with her had no idea at all about what we wanted… at least she wasn’t alone. 🙂

Note Note ~ I was going to post this at her time of birth, just like I did with the baby, but The Pink Dragon was born at 11:25pm and I want to go to sleep early tonight… I hope.

Edit /Add-in 9/23/2011 @ 10:50 —

My little tomboy picked this as her birthday cake. She wanted nothing written on it because she wanted it to look real-ish. When I asked her if she picked this one so she could have the toys she said, “Well, yeah?” in a ‘why not’ tone. LOL! That kid.

A year ago today…

Sometimes staying in the hospital for a night or two isn’t such a bad thing.

Happy First Birthday little one 🙂

At one she still has no teeth. She can stand without aide. She crawls faster than I can run. She talks some. Her hair is starting to grow out, but is still baby thin and very straight.  Her cheeks are chubby although not as chubby as they were when she was born.  She loves to cuddle.  Her favorite toys are her older sisters and her daddy.  She’s leery for new people and faces.  She loves to eat Cheerios and Gold Fish crackers.  She never stops moving. She’ll be a thumb-sucker for life. Her eyes are big and near the same shade of red orange as her hair. She is so beautiful. And she owns my heart.

Note ~ I thought of drawing her chewing on a heart but I didn’t want to imply baby cannibalism.

Note note ~ As is with most newborns she got cuter a few days after birth. Poor little ones, after soaking in water for nine month there’s little hope of coming out looking like a movie star. It’s ok moms usually look ten times worse, I know I did after I had her. 🙂

Happy Birthday…

No, not me, Star Wars.  Well, yes, I guess me too, but mine was yesterday.  I’m one year and one day older than A New Hope.  I love that movie!  I know most of us do.  When I was younger I always felt that it was *my* movie because my birthday was always right near the release dates and anniversary dates. As a small kid it made me feel very special.  Star Wars (A New Hope) was May 25, 1977, Empire Strikes Back was May 21, 1980, Return of the Jedi was May 25, 1983, The Phantom Menace was May 19, 1999, Attack of the Clones was May 16, 2002, and Revenge of the Sith was May 19, 2005, all close enough to mine for me to feel like they were mine. Hey, I was a small kid for the first three!  I don’t feel like that now… Ok, maybe a little. But what is life without the small things that make us feel like we were who it was made for. My oldest loves Halloween and feels like it was made just for her. My husband likes to use Easter break for his b-day.  My 11 year old used to think that picture day (at school) was just for her birthday. We associate these good and happy things with our birthdays to make us feel extraordinary. I would LOVE to read in the comments what others place with their birthdays that make them feel great about themselves on their special day or days… it doesn’t have to be a birthday.