When you wish upon a toad…

I don’t know if your wishes will come true or not, but what the heck?  I’m willing to try it. I wish for a bestseller, bazillion-mafillion dollars, and for the electric bill to be lower next mouth. Oh and for the baby to sleep in her crib ALL night long. 🙂

Anyone else want to see if the toad can grant implausible wishes?

Note ~ I think this is don’t-know-what-to-draw week. 🙂 I took this idea from something I overheard about fairy-toads. I wish I could remember the who, what, when, where, why so I could give credit.

Note Note ~ August is our worst PG&E bill month, October and March are nice. 😀

Note note note ~ But I’m not going to kiss a toad for a wish………………………………………… well, maybe for a bestseller. Just not the poison kind or the toads that make you see crazy things like Fairy-Toad-Queens.


Noted; one of my biggest flaws is I’m impatient…

I’ve been waiting to write a blog for when my book is finally released.  Still it is not out.  I know I was told “before Christmas,” but I was also told not to be too shocked if it was before Thanksgiving.  But that was a little iffy.  So now I’m waiting and hoping that it comes out soon.  The book missed “Black Friday” and the book missed “Cyber Monday,” both dates I was really hoping to make.  All I can see being done right now on MyUniverse is “Checking for Indexing” which, in all truth, I have no idea what that means.  I just know that I have been told it means I’m near done.  It has said that since the 16th of Nov.
So this is just a quick blog to say that I have not forgotten about my blog.  I’ve been keeping busy so I don’t stress and worry about when The Strongest Fire will be out.  In keeping busy I am done with my shopping.  Anything I buy at this point is just a bonus.  My little one asked for a few books, so I might jump on Amazon and see if I can find them.  Then I’ll just buy my oldest a few books when I do to make it even.
Here is a link to what I want…
I’m not going to get it, but a girl can dream.  I also want a real *fairy, the **big winning lotto ticket, a castle (tax free), my book to be a big success, the world to be peaceful, happy, and healthy, to finish writing my 3rd book soon, and many other dreams to come true.  🙂

*I really like the color purple, but any color of fairy will work (just incase Santa is reading this).
**The winning lotto ticket only costs $1 so I don’t see this as too foolish of a gift, but I don’t really want anyone to waste the money on a losing ticket since that won’t do anyone any good.

P.S. And Santa, if you’re reading, I’ve asked every year nicely… Can I please have a pocket of endless twenties?  I’ll use it for good things.  😀