My new program has an error – A Human Error….

Besides character sketches, that were for my eyes only, I hadn’t drawn in years.  Others have always been wowed by most of my family members’ art skills (not by mine). I’ve always surrounded myself with wordy and artistic friends that I feel are much more skilled than I.  Some of my friends are even great at drawing technical design.  So I’ve sat in the back and doodled knowing that I’d never master what they’ve always done so well. I know I’ll never be Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, or any other teenage turtle that I didn’t name, but I do like doodling and I needed something that was on my computer for quick sketches when I write.  It helps me with descriptions sometimes. 🙂 Soooooooooo I bought a tool, an art tool. I started having fun drawing (and doodling) again.

Something else about me… I get stuck in a circle sometimes and can’t find the door. It’s a little like G+ but without the friends.

In other words, I wasn’t finding Coral to my liking. I have Elements 4 that came with my new toy. There are many awesome things I have been using it for. I love the shading tools it comes with! Still I wasn’t using it for my main art, just part of it and a lot of the time, not at all. I was having issues finding a paint brush I liked to use for *just drawing.*  Soooooooooo I went to paint. Yes, most of my art has been done in cheap, crappy, generic Microsoft Paint. But it worked! There are more pixels, less tools, shading is near imposable, but it was all I thought I had.  For those of you who have not used Paint (hey, there might be someone) it is kind of like this picture below…

Crayons on a napkin under a crappy light… Yeah, I was stuck in a circle again.  Buuuuuuuuuut I love playing with pictures, changing the shading, fixing stuff, making it kind’a artsy. Soooooooooooooooooo I went into Adobe, ‘cause my new computer doesn’t have some of the same things as my old one (this is a good thing because the new computer has BETTER stuff).   I had to try a new program that I really didn’t remember I had. (New to me, my husband has the big-wow-everything Adobe for his Mac, but not for my HP though.)  For those of you who have not used Adobe and have been stuck in the Microsoft Paint circle like me, finding it was like this picture below……..

I found the door to my circle — now I see the light and it is lovely!!!

Yes, I know Adobe came with my art toy, but when I open my Bamboo Art Dock it doesn’t open up with it… *Blush* Soooooooo I had to find it… *embarrassed chuckle* I found the way to add it so NOW it is in my dock.

Soooooooooo I did this playing around with Adobe just to see what I can do! It’s an art Batcave! I am loving Adobe! — I know I could/ should write “I love Adobe” But I don’t wanna.

Note ~ Coral is a wonderful program. I am sure that a full version of the new one would be super awesome!  I am just not used to it yet and there is a lot to learn. I am slowing finding it more enjoyable and for shading it is still the place I go.  🙂

Note Note ~ This is more of a human blunder funny than anything else.


Shhh, I’m working…

Shhh, it's a secret...

I’m working on a secret project that I really hope goes well… It’s for me and in the hopes that I can advertise better.  Right now it’s eating up my time.  I guess really I’m working on two secret advertising projects. I’m also trying to improve my art skills.  I don’t know if that can be done but I have a few new toys and I know I rock like no other with stick figures… well, maybe not as awesome as JC Little or a few others but hey I can do stick like people ok enough . 😛
Anyway, my editing is moving along. Two of my betas for book two asked if I can give it to them a week later than plan.  This worked out just right for me because I was rushing myself to get it done sooner.  I just wanted one extra week and BOOM I got it! The other beta had no issue about waiting.  I’ve still been wondering how many people other authors use as betas.  This will be my first run ever wih betas and I’m very nervous about it.
My new computer is great. Only issue is I still need to sort through and move over my junk. I have about ten outlined, half written, or all the way written blogs on it. My old computer isn’t wireless and had to be moved into another room while I slowly go through all of everything.  Some of its pictures, double pictures, cropped pictures, old documents, old school papers, to-do lists, blog stuff, book stuff, music, videos, and you name it and I pack-ratted it on to my old ‘puter.
Also in two months I will have been doing this blog for two years and I don’t know if I should be doing anything for that date… we shall see if I have time and can come up with anything. 😉  I’m super, crazy, stupid, busy right now and I still need to clean out the garage. Well, I’m off to go do something secret… Shhh…