Pregnant Women and Toddlers vs. The Shoes…

The Similarities of Toddlers and Pregnant Women continues…

Both toddlers and pregnant women have trouble getting their shoes on — particularly matching shoes on. The reasons are different, with tots it’s that they are just learning and want to do everything by themselves and with us big bellied ladies it’s more of a contorting and vision obstacle issue. Trust me, when I get as big as I should be in the months to come I never mind getting a little help. Please and thank you. 🙂


Pregnant Women and Toddlers…

Now for some fun! Warning there is a little potty humor here today…

The other day I was at a friend’s house, we were drinking hot chocolate and letting the little ones play. Her two year old son (who is being potty trained) vanished for a few minutes. He reappeared cheering for himself and without pants. He wanted us all to go and view what he had just done. Yes, us ALL. I was not left out just because I was a guest. I’m sure you guessed it — he pooped in the potty! YAY!!!

My friend was a little embarrassed, but I understood and I let her know that the other day I announced (without the show and with pants on) to my family my bathroom accomplishments. She laughed and we went on to joke about how pregnant women and toddlers have a lot in common… a lot.

Before I was pregnant I would have never told even the closest of friend that I was constipated; now I chat with a few others due in July about how pregnancy has clogged us up, and I’ve never even met these people in person. We try to help each other with ideas from drinking hot cocoa to safe poo softeners to going out in the woods and eating twigs and berries. (The last one is a joke, don’t try it!)

This all left me with an idea of making a little bit of a blog series ~ The Similarities of Toddlers and Pregnant Women. So here is the first one…Note ~ This series won’t be every day or consecutively all the time, just when I get the chance to share a new one.

Note note ~ Being with child really does slow you down in every way.

Note note note ~ I might change the series name… I’m only good at naming kids and characters — not labels, titles, and such.

One of the best things about cold weather…

I love it when it’s cooler. There are many reasons and I’m debating making a list and blogging about it, but one of the reasons is below…

The other morning I poured myself a nice hot cup of coffee. It was wonderful. I didn’t break a sweet or anything and having a nice warm drink in my hands felt gooooooooood. I started to sit down next to my daughters when I was stopped.I’m so going as a werewolf weremama this year!

Note ~ When I showed this to my 14 (almost 15) year old she laughed in that ‘I want to hide in my closet for a month’ laugh. She was also shocked, as well as slightly grossed out, that I blogged about my lovely hairy legs.

Note Note ~ I HATE shaving my legs! I cut, nick, slice, slash, gash, and maim myself about 1,000 times every other shower in the summer.

His True Love…

After a stress filled night and a long hard day at work, full of anxiety.  My hubby hops in the car and races home going a little over the speed limit the entire way.  He knows his love will be there when he walks in the door. He’s checked on his true love many times over the last few days.

He rushes in the house and declares himself to the love he’s been waiting for…

He checks it over for any damages or harm. Once he sees that it is lovely and perfect. He shows it a little affection.

*Sniffle* “Isn’t she the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen?” He asks me.

I stare at him blankly and wonder off to phone the doctor only to find that he is out sick with the iPhone Flu.

Did anyone show up at work today? The only reason my hubby was there was because he missed a week this school year already

Note ~ The baby learned to say APPLE this week and my hubby wanted her to greet the delivery guy saying her new fav word. BUT when the man with the new toy showed up I was in a towel and felt that I should just let him take the paper and leave the phone on the doorstep. I’m sooooo glad I remembered to put the form on the door before my shower or it would have been a LOOONG unpleasant weekend or a very interesting new blog post… :-/

The Baby vs. The Cookie…

The baby discovered cookies (YUM) and she’s reinvented the ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ proverb/ precept/ saying (whichever you prefer).I don’t think she quite understands the original version, besides cookies are far from EVIL… unless you are on a diet and then cookies are bad.  By the way, I AM on a diet.  Oh how I miss your sweetness, my beloved cookie. *sniffle* I’m going to be ok.

Just a few quick lines and I’m done…

I’ve mentioned J.C. Little once or twice — maybe three times here before. She’s funny and has a great blog. If you like this blog, you’ll love hers more. Anyway she’s done a few “one liners” and last night she did more. YAY!!! I loved her last batch and these are just as cute. This blog post… here… right here… the one you are reading, is in response to hers… sort of…

I did what J.C. said I drew some lines… Hey! How did that extra one get in there?!?!?! Well, she did warn that they have a life of their own.

Next I let them have sight aka I drew eyes. J.C. said to do it. I’m just following the instructions.

Next I’m supposed to give them a few more lines to show movement ,action, life! Ok, she didn’t say all that but it’s how I took it.

Then she told us to have them talk… OoooOOOooooook…… If you think that’s a good idea……..

Next was a dash of color. Hey, you can’t shake it here — you belong on a different post! And who let you in? Does J.C. even know you’re here?  I don’t know if Cha-Cha-Chaaaaing is allowed on this page…. *deep Sigh* Since J.C. is a cartoon director I’m sure she’s used telling cartoons to get in line and they obey… mine… mine are just doing wait they want.

Thank you, J.C. I had fun drawing these.  And yes I did a near copy of “Gravity can bit me!” BUT there are eyebrows now, no rosy cheeks, and she/ old you are a ‘one liner’ too.

I hope I didn’t fall flat!

Note ~ the old person was going to be a man at first (that’s why the BIG eyebrow) and then I remembered J.C.’s Boobs… “My Boobs” … That doesn’t sound right at all…….. ummmmmmm… J.C. wrote a blog post called “MY BOOBS” and I remembered it. That *almost* sounds better… *blush* Just forget it…………. The old lady is a little like J.C.’s drawing but not totally. 🙂

Note Note ~ Please don’t hate me for the ‘note’ above but it was too funny not to say it like that. 😀

Sisterly Love…

A few days ago the girls had to get shots. The two older ones were just given the flu shot while the baby was given four shots. Poor little girl, four just seems so unfair. She calmed down as soon as we started driving — I wish I could say the same for her sisters.

The moment we pulled out of the parking lot my 12 year old (who was just a few days away from 12 at the time) remembered what the nurse told her, “Rub it well and it will feel better faster.” This comment sparked an idea.

I heard a loud YELP while I was driving, followed by an, “I was just trying to make sure you were rubbing it hard enough”

This did not sit well with my 14 year old…

I heard a deep gasp followed by a, “Sweet sister, I just want your arm to heal quickly.”

That lasted for the 30 minute, in town, stop and go, lots of red lights, drive home.

By the time we pulled into the driveway everyone was a sobbing mess.

Note ~ No one was punching, they were just rubbing hard on each other’s arms.

Note Note ~ This must have worked because they were not sore at all the next day which normally they are. Both the girls were so impressed they decided to do it again the next time they have to get shots… Just not while I’m driving or around the baby.