Pregnant Women and Toddlers vs. The Shoes…

The Similarities of Toddlers and Pregnant Women continues…

Both toddlers and pregnant women have trouble getting their shoes on — particularly matching shoes on. The reasons are different, with tots it’s that they are just learning and want to do everything by themselves and with us big bellied ladies it’s more of a contorting and vision obstacle issue. Trust me, when I get as big as I should be in the months to come I never mind getting a little help. Please and thank you. 🙂


6 Responses to Pregnant Women and Toddlers vs. The Shoes…

  1. It’s good that you can find humor in the situation! Great cartoon!

  2. Oh yes, the lost feet! When I was pregnant (and in the military) I was sooo huge and swollen that I had to get a waiver from my doctor so I could wear sneakers to work. I could not fit into my combat boots, let alone tie them! Yay for velcro!! Like the frog slipper btw!! I have Pink Scooby-Doo ones!

    • sarahwinters says:

      Richard had Scooby-Doo (his fav) but the dogs loved them I little too much and they went the way most of the slippers in this house go… all chewed up and found in pieces in the back yard. 😦 Poor Scooby.
      LOL!!! You poor thing, I’ve never seen camouflage maternity wear so I’m sure you finding things that fit was oh so very fun. 😀 I’d love to read a blog post (or a few short stories) of your days in the military while with child. 🙂 It’d make some wonderful reading and I’m sure there’d be some humor in them too. 😀

  3. How true, I do remember this phase of not being about to bend. I got really good at picking things up with my toes. Of course you can’t tie your shoelaces with your toes, so it’s slip-ons for you my dear.

    • sarahwinters says:

      LOL! Yes, slip-ons are a pregnant woman’s best friend — along with TUMS, the potty, fooooood, the potty, water, the potty, the OBGYN or midwife, the potty, sleep, and the potty. I’m sure I missed many others, but my memory is out to lunch right now, with a sign that reads, “Be back in 9 months… if you’re lucky. Bwahahaha!!!” 😛

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