Maternity Lingerie…

Warning ~ Some people might be bothered by the topic. 🙂

Intimates. Lingerie. Underwear. When we look these up online in department stores we normally get a wide range of cute and frilly to very steamy and of course the bizarre. This all changes when one puts the word ‘maternity’ in front of any of these words and looks them up in the same department stores. Target does have a better selection than most… if theirs were in stock. The sexiest thing one will find is the nursing bra.

The most bizarre is the duel pump nursing bra*. The 2nd most bizarre are the belly band. These are used as either a support bra for one’s large belly* or to help one hide the fact that one just had a baby.

What it looks like on the website model…

What it looks like on someone who just had a baby…

When one wants sexy underwear the best most places have to offer is…

This or…

This… These granny bad boys are sure to turn any man’s head on Valentine’s Day!!!

I guess the department stores have decided that once pregnant no one is doing anything because it’s icky-gross when she’s got a big belly and something moving around in her tummy. And two, ‘No one wants to see that, now cover it up… now cover it up again… Now if it doesn’t stay covered we might get out the maternity moo-moo dresses*. Thank you.”

Note ~ I’ve found at least one department store that doesn’t even list maternity underwear by any name. It’s like hide and seek trying to find it. I really think that they want to pretend that there is just another outfit under the one we pregos are wearing.

Note Note ~ Some stores do sale maternity lingerie online, but most of them are on smaller websites. Heck, last I looked Amazon won’t even touch cute maternity lingerie… You know, that’s someone’s mom!!! She can’t dress hot!!!

*Not drawn here

I stand corrected. Amazon does carry some lingerie that is not for grandma. I could not find any the time before when I looked, but it’s been about 2 years since I looked there last. I have checked JC Penney, Wal*mart, Target, and a few other department stores just this last week, and some today, and granny is the best we’ve got from them. Target’s good stuff is out of stock, if I remember right, it’s ALWAYS out of stock.


4 Responses to Maternity Lingerie…

  1. I’m in the middle of listening to Libba Bray’s book Beauty Queens, so I may be on a bit of a female empowerment, injustice to women kick, but this is making me feel like women should take to the streets or at least write angry letters or something. Why if a woman is pregnant should she suddenly start dressing like her grandmother. This is insane. Something must be done.

    • sarahwinters says:

      You are awesome! And I don’t know if you meant to make me giggle, but you sure did. I pictured a bunch of pregnant ladies and a few who are in their 20s and 30s, some with babies in arms, holding pitchforks and torches all while burning granny panties and singing songs in protest.
      I do have to admit I think it’s sad that when expecting — the stores we’ve all grown to trust, the big name ones, don’t have something in the line of just cute underwear. I even double checked (everything but Amazon) before I posted this because I was thinking, “I’ve got to be wrong.” Nope, I wish I was. When I *JUST* checked Amazon… JUST NOW, they now do have a few things, not much, but a few in comparison. It’s a start, because I couldn’t find anything there when I was prego with my one year old.
      But in all seriousness I do think the store should sale more cute and fun colored stuff for pregnant ladies. Most of us already feel odd, awkward looking, and unappealing as it is. These places could help us feel more attractive with our bodies while growing little person.

      • You that is a really good point. You should write one of those undee company’s and ask them or tell them that they could be the first to ‘spice up’ the maternity section! I agree, just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you don’t want to be sexy. If anything you NEED to feel sexy especially when the hormones kick in!

      • sarahwinters says:

        I agree. When you feel like just a massive lump, you want to at least feel a little 😉 about your looks and not all 😦 about them. 🙂

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