My Yesterday…

1. It is NOT cool to have a stalker or be stalked
2. It is super scary when it’s aimed at children (like my children)
3. It is trespassing to go into someone’s backyard in the VERY early am hours when you are NOT invited
4. Leaving candy on the cement of a porch with people who have dogs is stupid
5. Having it be a back porch where a dog finds it first and eats chocolate is cruelty
6. Leaving $15-30 worth of candy for my kids (that I wouldn’t let them eat anyway) and almost killing one of their dogs with it is not worth the $250 vet bill nor does it make the kids like you
7. My kids now feel that they and their dogs are unsafe in THEIR HOME
9. Also don’t knock on my window at 2:30am to try and wake the baby so you can see her. I was awake.

All the gates are now locked. Thank God the dogs sleep in the girls rooms at night and the baby in ours. I don’t care if this is ‘family’ my kids are scared and want nothing to do with them. I have told them to leave us alone. My husband is worried about going to work and leaving us home. He is also looking in to ways to protect his family from intruders and I’m looking in to getting motion lights for the backyard. It might not stop them, but it will make it a little more of a challenge. Mother-in-law is talking about getting an alarm put in as a gift for us.

For those worried about the beagle. The dog is going to be ok, but will be on a special diet for a week and will need a little extra TLC.

Note ~ I hope the next post I get to post is funny… Sorry about this one friends. Sometimes life is a little scary.


4 Responses to My Yesterday…

  1. Pussreboots says:

    Don’t wait for a next time. Call the cops.

    • sarahwinters says:

      Thank you, I’ll talk to Richard about calling. My only hard spot is I KNOW its family… just one person, I know who, but that makes it just a little harder to call the cops without a warning. I’m sure that they counted on that and it’s why they did it and have been doing everything.

  2. Please be safe, and I agree with Pussreboots, don’t wait on calling the cops. I’ve been there myself before, and I took some bad advice and didn’t call the cops right away. If nothing else it helps to build your case and prove you aren’t the crazy one. Oh and give some extra love to the pooch for me.

    • sarahwinters says:

      Thank you. The dog is being sooo spoiled right now. I’ll make sure to give her an extra ear rub (like a cat) from you. 🙂 She loves ear rubs.
      It’s sad, but that’s why I didn’t wake Richard when they knocked on the window… I know what I heard, but that whole ‘crazy’ thing made me not. Not that my hubby would say it… buuut that’s what stopped me. :-/ It will NEVER stop me again. We talked for a long time about that and he said he’d rather be woken than not know.

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