His True Love…

After a stress filled night and a long hard day at work, full of anxiety.  My hubby hops in the car and races home going a little over the speed limit the entire way.  He knows his love will be there when he walks in the door. He’s checked on his true love many times over the last few days.

He rushes in the house and declares himself to the love he’s been waiting for…

He checks it over for any damages or harm. Once he sees that it is lovely and perfect. He shows it a little affection.

*Sniffle* “Isn’t she the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen?” He asks me.

I stare at him blankly and wonder off to phone the doctor only to find that he is out sick with the iPhone Flu.

Did anyone show up at work today? The only reason my hubby was there was because he missed a week this school year already

Note ~ The baby learned to say APPLE this week and my hubby wanted her to greet the delivery guy saying her new fav word. BUT when the man with the new toy showed up I was in a towel and felt that I should just let him take the paper and leave the phone on the doorstep. I’m sooooo glad I remembered to put the form on the door before my shower or it would have been a LOOONG unpleasant weekend or a very interesting new blog post… :-/


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