15 years ago today…

Warning ~ there are real pictures of my premature daughter here. She was very sick at birth and I was told that she probably wasn’t going to live past 3 days old.  She had a blood transfusion at 2 days, her first blanket was a little plastic tarp, and many other things happened that I’m just glad we are done with.

Sometimes you don’t want to hear that there is a need to stay in the hospital.

This little baby has taught me how to be brave. I watched her at 7 as she walked away from me to have eye surgery. After the event she cried tears of blood for 3 days. But she did it and she was sweet and kind about the ordeal.  She is one of the strongest and most understanding people, even as a baby (all but that nasty bit of colic).

My 15 year old girl loves pandas. Since she was 6 (and has never shifted) she said that she wants to be a vet. She is the most kind and caring teenager I have ever met. From as early as I can remember she has favored the color orange, but over the last few years she’s picked red as her new fav. She LOVES to text her friends. She has two besties. One is her best-best friend and the other is her best friend. She gets along with near everyone. She has mastered the almost smile that teens love to give.  Her long blond hair has never been cut (but bang) and goes down to her knees. She has a little cow-lick in the front that makes her hair poof there. She loves veggies and has her whole life. When she was two she used to ask for “baby trees” (broccoli) with every meal. She’s a very strong reader.  She calls herself a ‘grass picker’ when it comes to sports and she hates math.

The picture she picked out of the pandas I drew. 😀

Note ~ People ask all the time why she was born early and treat me like it was my fault. I’m allergic to most antibiotics. I had a nasty bladder infection that turned into a kidney infection. Being pregnant they couldn’t give me just anything and there was only one that I could take while I was pregnant. The doctors stopped labor from happening so many times… they just couldn’t that last time.


One of the best things about cold weather…

I love it when it’s cooler. There are many reasons and I’m debating making a list and blogging about it, but one of the reasons is below…

The other morning I poured myself a nice hot cup of coffee. It was wonderful. I didn’t break a sweet or anything and having a nice warm drink in my hands felt gooooooooood. I started to sit down next to my daughters when I was stopped.I’m so going as a werewolf weremama this year!

Note ~ When I showed this to my 14 (almost 15) year old she laughed in that ‘I want to hide in my closet for a month’ laugh. She was also shocked, as well as slightly grossed out, that I blogged about my lovely hairy legs.

Note Note ~ I HATE shaving my legs! I cut, nick, slice, slash, gash, and maim myself about 1,000 times every other shower in the summer.

The uninvited guest…

For dinner we had an uninvited guest. I swore I saw it lick its proboscis at me and the kids. I’m sure we looked like a four course meal. I don’t know why, but mosquitos like me and the girls (at least the older two) more than my husband.  Maybe we’re warmer, or we smell soft and mushy… I don’t know why I just know this is the case.  After the mosquito was squished, it was the topic for………. well, it still is the topic for the night, and as with most things, my husband looked though lenses that magnify things differently when it comes to bugs (spiders excluded).This is what the girls and I saw. Look at the size of that thing!!!

This is what he saw. Can you even see it? It’s there… really.

Note ~ We don’t kill all bugs found in the house, but since mosquitos carry disease that can kill and hurt everyone in our home – even the dogs. This bug lost its blood sucking life tonight.

Note Note ~ I drew these last night.

Life’s a beach…

The waves go in and out making things new, fresh, changing them slighting. The waves bring hope, love, life, and sometimes seaweed. It is endless like time. The waves teach us of yesterday as they splash to tomorrow.  When we look out to the sea we are reminded of all the lives the sea has changed and taken. The sea can be wicked and tame and…

… once the sea has gotten up your shorts there is just no way to walk like a lady (or a man… maybe a monkey).

OoooooOOOOoooooh the sea is a wicked beast that knows how to chafe.

Note Lesson ~ Admire the sea from a far or park a lot closer.

His True Love…

After a stress filled night and a long hard day at work, full of anxiety.  My hubby hops in the car and races home going a little over the speed limit the entire way.  He knows his love will be there when he walks in the door. He’s checked on his true love many times over the last few days.

He rushes in the house and declares himself to the love he’s been waiting for…

He checks it over for any damages or harm. Once he sees that it is lovely and perfect. He shows it a little affection.

*Sniffle* “Isn’t she the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen?” He asks me.

I stare at him blankly and wonder off to phone the doctor only to find that he is out sick with the iPhone Flu.

Did anyone show up at work today? The only reason my hubby was there was because he missed a week this school year already

Note ~ The baby learned to say APPLE this week and my hubby wanted her to greet the delivery guy saying her new fav word. BUT when the man with the new toy showed up I was in a towel and felt that I should just let him take the paper and leave the phone on the doorstep. I’m sooooo glad I remembered to put the form on the door before my shower or it would have been a LOOONG unpleasant weekend or a very interesting new blog post… :-/

Still very happy…

I have to start months ahead of this day in my history… It was Valentine’s Day and my future husband and I had been dating since Oct. He had been planning a special date for us. I had no idea just how special it was going to be.  Days The night before I picked out an outfit, and I planned how I was going to do my hair…

What I envisioned was near this…

Unfortunately my throat was really sore the day before and by Valentine’s Day I was sick as a dog.  I could only breathe with my mouth wide open, my eyes were extra watery, my nose was like a faucet someone had just left on, and I was flushed with a light fever… I was not a pretty sight. I looked like a sick cat or bunny. Reality sometimes bites.

My wonderful man wasn’t upset. He comforted me telling me that the next weekend we’d go out, and he still came over to visit with his sick girlfriend.  He brought me a massive purple ape, roses, a “bored” game, chocolates, and heart candy.  I made sure he didn’t sit near me, I love him and didn’t want to get him ill. I felt so awful killing our plans, but my immune system just wasn’t strong enough to fight off the black plague deadly flu nasty cold.

While I was sitting there blowing my nose watching a movie (I can’t remember what movie) something landed on my lap…

I was shocked! Did he really mean it? I turned and looked at him and asked, “Are you serious?”

INCOMING! Another candy landed on my lap, but he did not speak.

Like a deer in the headlights I was frozen in shocked. I didn’t know this was “the big plan” I crushed. Two more candies landed on my lap, a “Yes” and a “No” I had to decide… I looked at him from across the room and said, “I need you to tell me, in words, that you really mean this and it’s not a joke.” I didn’t think he’d play a prank like that, but really this is THE BIG QUESTION.
He FINALLY spoke, “It’s real. I am really asking you.”
I ate the “No” and put the “YES” on the arm of the couch. He looked at it and smiled. Then I grabbed it to put with the rest to save. I wanted to smother him in kisses and hugs, but I did not want him to get sick. So I sat there happy, but still unable to breathe through my nose.

Today my husband and I celebrate being married for a very long time. Ok not THAT looooong, but still it’s been a few. 😉  My love for him has grown with every day of our marriage.

Happy Anniversary, to the man I picked to spend the rest of my life with. Thank you for sticking with me through the sicknesses as well as the health, all the great times and the hard times.  I hope that when death separates us we find each other on the other side. I also hope that’s in the very far future.

Note ~ Later on when we told others about the event I found out that because I was so sick he was unable to tell, at all, if I was happy, sad, or just plan shocked by the whole event. Poor guy, I was very thrilled.

Note note ~ Yes, I once had short hair and wore ankh necklaces. Hey, I was young once too. 🙂

The Baby vs. The Cookie…

The baby discovered cookies (YUM) and she’s reinvented the ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ proverb/ precept/ saying (whichever you prefer).I don’t think she quite understands the original version, besides cookies are far from EVIL… unless you are on a diet and then cookies are bad.  By the way, I AM on a diet.  Oh how I miss your sweetness, my beloved cookie. *sniffle* I’m going to be ok.