My very cheesy blog post….

Note to self ~never send the hubby to the grocery store with a list and an ‘Oh, yeah, I forgot to put it on the list, but we’re out of cheese too.’  We now have enough cheese to open a French cheese shop… just need to get some wine.

We now have a variety of cheeses ranging from sandwich slices to shredded Mexican blend… From What the heck is Gouda to Brie is stinky?  I could constipate an elephant that has severe diarrhea using the amount he bought and still have enough to make pizza.

I guess I could’ve drawn a pizza.

But I can’t complain too much he did get me a chocolate chip and M&M cookie the size of my head. *Sniffle* he knows me so well…

HEY! Who cut the cheese?

Note ~ This was the other thing that happened when he went shopping before The Purple Toe (which is now The Smurf Blue Toe).

Note note ~ I wonder why he didn’t get CHEESEcake too?

Note note note ~ Sorry about the cutting cheese joke… but I just had to. *blush*



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