A year ago today…

Sometimes staying in the hospital for a night or two isn’t such a bad thing.

Happy First Birthday little one 🙂

At one she still has no teeth. She can stand without aide. She crawls faster than I can run. She talks some. Her hair is starting to grow out, but is still baby thin and very straight.  Her cheeks are chubby although not as chubby as they were when she was born.  She loves to cuddle.  Her favorite toys are her older sisters and her daddy.  She’s leery for new people and faces.  She loves to eat Cheerios and Gold Fish crackers.  She never stops moving. She’ll be a thumb-sucker for life. Her eyes are big and near the same shade of red orange as her hair. She is so beautiful. And she owns my heart.

Note ~ I thought of drawing her chewing on a heart but I didn’t want to imply baby cannibalism.

Note note ~ As is with most newborns she got cuter a few days after birth. Poor little ones, after soaking in water for nine month there’s little hope of coming out looking like a movie star. It’s ok moms usually look ten times worse, I know I did after I had her. 🙂


3 Responses to A year ago today…

  1. Awww!!! Happy birthday little one!!! I miss my boys being that age. I believe kids are easier to handle at that age than the ‘brooding’ age I have now. I may have missed oodles of sleep back then, but they weren’t so moody and I got hugs and cuddles.

    • sarahwinters says:

      Thank you. 🙂 I agree. The baby hug/cuddle makes up for any missing sleepy or poo-pants. 🙂 Also there is no play-yard big enough for the teens-tweens… some days I wish, but there is not. My 14 year old will not even dream of letting me kiss her forehead now, but the baby… a billion kisses a day AND she tries to kiss me back! I know this will not last forever so I better kiss her like crazy now. LOL 🙂

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