My hot and sexy gloves…

Before my husband maimed his toe, he went to the store for me with a list of about 512 things.  Two BIG things happened with this list – one I will save for another blog post.  This one is about my new hot (or is it ‘hawt’), sexy cleaning gloves.

Normally I do all the shopping, but since we’ve had the baby it’s kind of been just whoever, whenever, and how-ever.  When I go, although I do not like pink, my first choice is the ‘Hope’ cleaning gloves. I believe in donating to help cure ANY type of cancer and then my next pick is the neon yellow or orange, whichever is in small. My hubby said that they had none of these when he went and he bought the only ones they had and they were in large only.  At first the older girls and I stared at them in bewilderment.

My 11 year old was fighting back laughter, I was at a loss of words trying to understand designer cleaning wear, and my 14 year old was thinking, ‘There is no way I’m ever going to wear those……  I am soooooo texting my friends about this.’  My hubby told me that they matched my shirt and I’d look good in them…

That was it, the 11 year old lost it and the 14 year old was trying to hold in the giggles.  I know he was just trying to flatter me, but I didn’t want to look good in those.

I knew eventually the dishes had to be done and, with the man’s foot out, I also had to take out the trash (Eeeeewwww, I hate that job)!

So I put them on and…

Like magic I transformed…

I was a Princess…I Struck a Pose… so Vogue

I Shook My Groove Thing…

The John Travolta in me even came out …By the time the dishes where done and I was taking out the trash I know that I was HOT… really really hot in my new gloves.


5 Responses to My hot and sexy gloves…

  1. HA! I like your “groove thing” – I want those gloves, but not to wash dishes or take out the garbage. Oops, too much 411 there.

    • sarahwinters says:

      LOL! Thank you. Sometimes ya’ just gotta shake the groove thing… also sometimes ya’ just gotta take out the trash — the good news is these gloves are perfect for both!
      My hubby got them at Target. They really are great for messes. 😉 lol ummmm, have fun.

  2. I swear I read this and it made my day!! If those gloves are all that-shoot send some my way!! Love the drawings btw!!

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