The Man with the Purple Toe…

WARNING: This is not a blog for those who can’t read about ouchies and boo-boos (no blood)

Yesterday while getting ready for work and doing a few things around the house (without steel toed boots on) my husband stubbed hurt mangled killed his baby toe on his left foot on one of the pieces of furniture.  He swears that it jumped out to get him, but I don’t buy it. I might, except that 3 weeks ago when I did the same thing (but ripped my big toenail off instead) he didn’t believe that the furniture was out to get my feet so why would they be out to get his?  Anyhow, after he tried to rip off his toe he popped it right back into place with a loud…

He was very proud of himself for not tearing up or passing out.  I really do feel bad for him.

After that we propped it up.  We have no ottoman so I had to make one out of a kiddie chair and a few stuffed toys….. Yes, the neon pink bunny plays music and it giggles. The swelling went down a little after I put some ice on it and he sat in the living room clinching the chair with a look of horror on his face.

The doctor said that, ‘It doesn’t appear to be broken.’ But that we need to watch it for the next few days if the swelling gets worse or whatever he needs to go back in.  I guess he just pulled it out of the joint; also when the swelling goes down a little more we should tape it to the toe next to it.  I don’t know how the doc wants me to do that since Richard told me just a few minutes ago that he could feel me looking at his toe and that made the pain worse.  Oh yeah, and he wants Richard off of it for about 3 days. So I’ve convinced him to miss two days of work and it’s going to take more than a fairy toad to make him miss that third day.

Note ~ My hubby laughed when he read this from his laptop in the bedroom. Poor guy.


7 Responses to The Man with the Purple Toe…

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  2. Ouch! Good luck keeping it safe from every corner and edge in the house!! Whenever I stub my pinky toe, it seems as if every corner stretches out to grab it. I can only imagine how many corners will go after that kind of injury!

    • sarahwinters says:

      😦 He pulls his foot in whenever anyone walks near it and he takes very wide slow corners right now. And his toe now a lovely shade of blue. He did make it to work on Friday, but he sat all day long and everyone asked him how.

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