Thank you for coming.

Today is my Blogiversary Blogday …. UGH…. Today my blog hits the terrible twos! But I still am giving it a party and I’m so glad you could make it.

We got a cake…….


Hats and stuff to match…

Come on in, have a seat, I’ll get you a piece of cake, and we’ll all enjoy!


And if you have stories to share, what fun thing did you do for your Blogithingy?


Sorry Lord, for these screw-ups you are about to receive…

(Note ~ This is a little out of my comfort zone but still wanted to share.)

There are times as a parent were we are floating on cloud nine, on top of the world,  thinking that, although we may not be perfect, we’ve done a fairly good job.  After all, one of the kids made Dean’s List, the other was given a blue ribbon in science, and the baby is starting to talk. Ahhh, all is right.

And then someone comes along and bursts our bubble (usually one of our kids).

I think I need to say this first…  We are not the most religious family. My oldest has read the Bible all the way though, we believe in God, doing what’s right, the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, and so on… (Don’t worry, I don’t get preachy!)

When my 14 year old was little she used to think that God was a sweet and loving puppy. Really, but we fixed that and all was well….. or so I thought.

My oldest explained her take on God  —
Apparently, God was a little kid when He invented dinosaurs.  He was young, enjoyed toys and liked to play.  So why not make and play with dinosaurs like most young boys? (It does not end here!)
She went on saying that when God was about 10-12, He was starting to grow up.  He still liked to play but not with ‘little boys toys’ He wanted woolly mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, and other furry but cool toys. (I’m now starting to really worry.)
Next God was a teen – we are THE teenage mistake; the one big, one that all teenagers make, the one that comes in a large range of major blunders.  The human race is the big blunder and He’s just sitting back wondering if He should start all over with something more adult.

I’m glad my daughter can talk so openly with me. Yes, we talked and talked and talked about the Bible and everything.  I’m still wondering if I should have her go to church with her grandma on Sunday… maybe we all should go?

My day so far is going about like this….

A flat, warm soda with two cheerios and a Lego in it…

I understand how the cheerios got in there, but where did the Lego come from?

NOTE ~ Not too bad for a 10 minute sketch……… maybe?


Yep, the day after my Walmart account was hacked my 13+ year old e-mail was. 😦 So anyone with my Boom_Shanka_@Yahoo.com 1997-2011 RIP It is no longer alive.

UPDATE ~ One of my friends said that Yahoo just changed their entire security setup so they *might* have locked it down during this time. I still cannot get into mine but if anyone else is having this issue keep trying. And good luck!!! If we are lucky that’s all it was… BUT THIS IS A “MIGHT”/ “MAYBE”

UPDATE ~ I’m getting a lot of people who have searched ‘Walmart hack’ this week so I’m adding this (Sept 4, 2011). When ours was hacked we found out right away. My hubby called and they closed the account. The hacker had not ordered anything or used our Bill-Me-Later (thank goodness) over the phone we were able to 100% shut down our account. To all of you, I’m sorry and call ASAP so the thieves don’t use your credit. Good luck!