My Sensibility Went Haywire…

Yesterday my sensible, calm, never emotional child freaked out over the dead washing machine……

Her 11 year old sister is an emotion-a-minute kid, but she wasn’t near as frazzled.

In all fairness it did break the day before it was her washday.  I offered to let her borrow a few of my clean towels but she declined.  I don’t get it; she has more clothes than anyone else in the house but yet she’s lost it.  Her nerves didn’t even settle when Richard went right to Sears after work yesterday to get it ordered.  It’ll be here on Sunday. Sears said they would call today with the 2 hour delivery time window.  She bugged all day asking if they’ve called about her new washer yet.   She’s dying to get her wash done.  Her 11 year old sister on the other hand is very happy not to have to do the extra chore and she gladly offered to wear the same outfit until we had a new washing machine.  The baby… well, she’s being extra messy as she’s learning (and demanding) to feed herself.

This is so sad.  The microwave just stopped working altogether.  What the —-? Oh, and the 11 year old is joining in the overreacting fest…

Is there an appliance epidemic going around that’s fatal?


2 Responses to My Sensibility Went Haywire…

  1. Alissa says:

    You should tell your daughter that I lived for seven years in a house without a washing machine, and hated going to the creepy laundromat. So, I learned how to live with doing laundry every three weeks. I did own a LOT of underwear. Or perhaps not. That might cause her to have a full out nervous b.

    • sarahwinters says:

      LOL! Seven years is loooooong. I remember doing that too, but mine was only for two years… NO FUN! I also had a lot of underwear and socks. Sometimes I might have worn my jeans one too many times. lol :-/ But anything was better than hanging out at the creepy laundromat with that weird, flirty old guy that’s at every one of them. Does he come free when the owners buy the place?

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