The Cookie Dough Made Me Do It…

On the first of the month I started dieting. I don’t know if I’m losing weight or not, but I might be losing my mind.  Must… stay… focused…

What the…?

The cookie dough is right. I don’t really want an apple…

Hum? The baby is asleep, the 11 yo is out back, 14 yo is in her room on her cell, and hubby has his headphones on while playing a game… I should be safe. The cookie dough has a point and it does sound good. (Yes, I punned. Hehehe)

OOooooo cookie dough, how I have missed you on my diet *deep sigh*

Shhhhhhh, must be extra quiet.  I don’t want to alert anyone.

Aaah crap – busted!

Note ~ you should never eat raw cookie dough no matter what it tells you because raw eggs are bad. (I know I never follow this advice but I still should state it.  Except I never touched the stuff when I was pregnant.)

Note Note ~ Hubby wanted me to draw a red hand on the cookie dough ‘jar’ but I hate changing art work once I feel I’m done, so I didn’t.

Note Note Note ~ My fridge has a lot more junk on it like doctor appointment cards, kids artwork, kids pictures, funnies, and magnets. If I drew what it really looked like you’d think it was Jabba the Papers not a fridge


8 Responses to The Cookie Dough Made Me Do It…

  1. Crystal says:

    Thank you for this. This is too funny not to share!

  2. Haha…that reminds me. I have ice cream sandwiches in my freezer!

  3. Alissa says:

    Ha ha! Love the cartoon and all the notes.

    I got my just due for eating that one little piece of mozzarella cheese after dinner last night. Turns out the cheese was not good, and it did not agree with me.

    • sarahwinters says:

      Thank you! Ugh… I am sooo sorry about the cheese. I had a bad pizza once (I didn’t eat the whole thing) and I will never forget it. NOT FUN. I hope you’re feel better. :-/

  4. livinglearningeating says:

    I found healthy cookie dough that’s good for you *and* your baby, plus no raw eggs = no food poisoning!
    My review is here:

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