Yep, the day after my Walmart account was hacked my 13+ year old e-mail was. 😦 So anyone with my Boom_Shanka_@Yahoo.com 1997-2011 RIP It is no longer alive.

UPDATE ~ One of my friends said that Yahoo just changed their entire security setup so they *might* have locked it down during this time. I still cannot get into mine but if anyone else is having this issue keep trying. And good luck!!! If we are lucky that’s all it was… BUT THIS IS A “MIGHT”/ “MAYBE”

UPDATE ~ I’m getting a lot of people who have searched ‘Walmart hack’ this week so I’m adding this (Sept 4, 2011). When ours was hacked we found out right away. My hubby called and they closed the account. The hacker had not ordered anything or used our Bill-Me-Later (thank goodness) over the phone we were able to 100% shut down our account. To all of you, I’m sorry and call ASAP so the thieves don’t use your credit. Good luck!


2 Responses to Hacked…

  1. Alissa says:

    My condolences. I wonder if there’s something going on with Yahoo. My Gmail account is refusing all incoming messages from Yahoo accounts. Of course, this is a pain since I have some friends with Yahoo emails.

    • sarahwinters says:

      Oh I would LOVE it if that was all this is….. Yahoo being a pain, I mean. As it is we know the Walmart one WAS so we’re changing ALL the e-mail addresses! I started with all the online accounts AND then house and bank, now I’m to the credit cards… ugh, no fun. :-/ It would be crazy if it was just Yahoo that was hacked and not me. @.@ BUT since we (both my husband and I) cannot login we have to do all of this.
      I’m glad you responded I need to subscribe to you… again. 🙂

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