Excuse me; I’ve got some clothes to scan…

On Sunday the new washer arrived.  My 14 year old was acting a bit like a 6 year old on Christmas morning in her squeals, jumps, handclaps, and giggles.

In her teenageness she might have been a little too freaky-happy though, but at least she was happy. 🙂

After the deliveryman left, my husband and I tried it out. There were lots of new buttons and dials. No more pushing in the knob, turning it, and pulling it out, nope.  Now everything had to be set and a button pushed.  After we loaded the new contraption we got it started.  It locked. It took a few moments to start. It filled up and then……

It didn’t sound like a washing machine at all. We couldn’t flip the lid open to see if it was working… it had locked. My husband and I were at a total loss.  We kept asking one another if it should sound like that.

I thought about making a few phone calls to see if this thing was working right and only one made since.

We’ve come to the conclusion that either the new washer is having an identity crisis or someone is lost in there.

In all truth it sounds like a photocopier that was scanning and then printing out clothes.  Maybe it was raised by a wild pack of Xerox machines.


My Sensibility Went Haywire…

Yesterday my sensible, calm, never emotional child freaked out over the dead washing machine……

Her 11 year old sister is an emotion-a-minute kid, but she wasn’t near as frazzled.

In all fairness it did break the day before it was her washday.  I offered to let her borrow a few of my clean towels but she declined.  I don’t get it; she has more clothes than anyone else in the house but yet she’s lost it.  Her nerves didn’t even settle when Richard went right to Sears after work yesterday to get it ordered.  It’ll be here on Sunday. Sears said they would call today with the 2 hour delivery time window.  She bugged all day asking if they’ve called about her new washer yet.   She’s dying to get her wash done.  Her 11 year old sister on the other hand is very happy not to have to do the extra chore and she gladly offered to wear the same outfit until we had a new washing machine.  The baby… well, she’s being extra messy as she’s learning (and demanding) to feed herself.

This is so sad.  The microwave just stopped working altogether.  What the —-? Oh, and the 11 year old is joining in the overreacting fest…

Is there an appliance epidemic going around that’s fatal?

insert awesome blog post here…

I wrote a great blog, but you’ll have to take my word on it.  I think someone forgot to feed WordPress so it ate half my post and left the crumbs and nibbles. 😦  This is the first time I’ve had issues with them but there is always a first for everything.  I just hope that it’s also the last.  It was odd what it ate and didn’t touch.

I guess I’ll have to leave out some food and water electricity.

This is what I get for not writing it in document first…

Coming soon ~ As promised I’m going to do a blog post on all the things I did this summer to help boost sales and get noticed. I just need to find the time… again. :-/

When you wish upon a toad…

I don’t know if your wishes will come true or not, but what the heck?  I’m willing to try it. I wish for a bestseller, bazillion-mafillion dollars, and for the electric bill to be lower next mouth. Oh and for the baby to sleep in her crib ALL night long. 🙂

Anyone else want to see if the toad can grant implausible wishes?

Note ~ I think this is don’t-know-what-to-draw week. 🙂 I took this idea from something I overheard about fairy-toads. I wish I could remember the who, what, when, where, why so I could give credit.

Note Note ~ August is our worst PG&E bill month, October and March are nice. 😀

Note note note ~ But I’m not going to kiss a toad for a wish………………………………………… well, maybe for a bestseller. Just not the poison kind or the toads that make you see crazy things like Fairy-Toad-Queens.

A post about love (psst, it’s a very short story with pictures)…

Once upon a time there was a very lonely cheesecake. This cheesecake wanted to find love. Poor cheesecake.

One day an over worked and tired mother happened to walk by and see this lonely uneaten cheesecake. It was love at first sight.

The mother knew that their love must be kept a secret so she and the cheesecake run off to a place that the mother thought would be safe.

The mother and the cheesecake happily enjoyed each other’s forbidden company.

Much to the mother’s surprise, there was noise just outside their hideaway. The mother knew it was only moments now until their secret would be a secret no longer.

The mother looked at her dearest cheesecake and pondered if her lips would ever touch the sweet goodness of her true love’s.

Near tears the mother wondered if this was for the best. She knew their secret would one day be revealed.

Heartbroken, thoughts raced through her head, should she throw her face into the cake eating as fast as she could or should she wave the little white flag and surrender — giving up her love to share with others?

Hello kids, would you like to share?

Ok….. So sharing is nice too. 🙂

Note ~ I did make the knife dirty… but…. Ummm….. it looked like this little sketch was about murder, not about love and cheesecake.

Note Note ~ That diet thing isn’t going too well… :-/

Note Note Note ~ For those of you who watch my vlog I did you use these pics in a cartoon there too.

Soooooo anyone have anything they want to share? 😀 Comments are always welcome.

If only you could see me now…

Like as in right now, you would run and hide. Is it a monster? A long lost dinosaur? Some poor stranded alien? No, it’s mom on her day off. :-/To anyone who has the day off, I hope you are enjoying it.
What’s your favorite comfy day outfit (or in my case, I-should-be-doing-my-laundry-today outfit)?

The Cookie Dough Made Me Do It…

On the first of the month I started dieting. I don’t know if I’m losing weight or not, but I might be losing my mind.  Must… stay… focused…

What the…?

The cookie dough is right. I don’t really want an apple…

Hum? The baby is asleep, the 11 yo is out back, 14 yo is in her room on her cell, and hubby has his headphones on while playing a game… I should be safe. The cookie dough has a point and it does sound good. (Yes, I punned. Hehehe)

OOooooo cookie dough, how I have missed you on my diet *deep sigh*

Shhhhhhh, must be extra quiet.  I don’t want to alert anyone.

Aaah crap – busted!

Note ~ you should never eat raw cookie dough no matter what it tells you because raw eggs are bad. (I know I never follow this advice but I still should state it.  Except I never touched the stuff when I was pregnant.)

Note Note ~ Hubby wanted me to draw a red hand on the cookie dough ‘jar’ but I hate changing art work once I feel I’m done, so I didn’t.

Note Note Note ~ My fridge has a lot more junk on it like doctor appointment cards, kids artwork, kids pictures, funnies, and magnets. If I drew what it really looked like you’d think it was Jabba the Papers not a fridge