The Family Portrait…

Since we’ve had the baby we haven’t had the chance to go get a family picture taken.

When we get the chance I hope it looks like this…….

BUT I do live in reality so I am aware that more than likely it’ll look like this…

NOTE ~ Thank you JC Little for inspiring me to draw again.  🙂

NOTE NOTE ~ I had fun drawing the last time so why not do it again. 😀

NOTE NOTE NOTE ~ I decided I’m going to *try* and not let the gremlins do what they planned and stop me from blogging. 😛


5 Responses to The Family Portrait…

  1. LOL! I love it!
    NOTE NOTE NOTE NOTE: Walk tall Sarah. This is good stuff.

  2. I love your artwork!! Yeah, I remember family portraits-we’re in need of updating as well. The photographer thought Logan did not know how to smile–now, what does a parent say to that? *groan*

    • sarahwinters says:

      THANK YOU!!! I know, my oldest *never* smiles anymore for pictures. When they were little they didn’t always smile either. Sometimes times you just get a rude jerk too. My oldest before the work on her eyes, she would get told over and over the ‘fast over here’ The poor kid thought she was… Some people just need to learn tact.

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