My strongest weakness…

Advertizing ideas…

I stink… no let’s face it; I suck at selling my book.  I can talk another person’s book up to perfection and sale it.  Some books I can do that with that I have never even read.  I used to all the time, that was my job at B&N.  It’s why I was moving up so quickly.  Yes, I did read a number of them but not all of them.  I had the experience from the years in the library to look at a person, talk to them for a few minutes, and give them a book that was made just for them.  Moms that had sons that would never read would come back, thank me for giving them just the right book, and ask for more.  I can’t tell you how many unwanted hugs I was given working there, but I still can’t sell my book.  I know it better than any other, but I still can’t sale my book.  I feel like a street walker when I try.  Please, don’t take that wrong those of you who can.  I have witnessed hundreds of people sale their book with class, grace, style, and a lovely smile, but I still can’t sale my book.  I’ve thought about giveaways but it frightens me… I could do it, but I truly want everyone to win.  I want everyone to smile and be happy with the outcome.  So people of the blog reading world, how do you sale your books without feeling like you’re selling yourself?


2 Responses to My strongest weakness…

  1. Eh, I suck just as bad if not worse. I’m good w/coming up with ideas for making promos–I was even at an author event where a private publisher asked if she could ‘steal’ (her words-she actually bought me a coffee for saying she could use my idea) my coloring book idea. I had a lot of great comments about the rack cards I had made up for the event and my little giveaways were a hit, but other than that… I’ve become a lot better at ‘pimping’ my books on online medias, but going into a local shop and talking up my book is still beyond awkward. I’ve managed a few giveaways/contests and think they are a great idea! Maybe try and step out of yourself when you go to talk about your book-don’t think so much about how you wrote the book, think instead about telling people the plot and characters-let the excitement you feel for them make you want to share them with everyone. Easier said than done, huh?

  2. sarahwinters says:

    I LOVE your promo stuff!!! 🙂 LOL I can come up with great giveaway ideas… I just have to go through with them. I have a great one idea for Christmas, BUT I need to implement it. :-/ I think in that area I’m worried about messing up big time.
    Thanks, Christy! You’re right. If I could step out of my shoes and sale the book like I can do with the others maybe I could do it… maybe. 🙂

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