Happy 70th Wedding Anniversary Grandma & Grandpa…

I talked to a lot of family yesterday and although this has nothing to do directly with my writing, it has everything to do with who I am. If you’ve read the ‘about me’ here (which is in desperate need of an update) you’ll know that my grandparents mean a lot to me. I love them dearly. Well, today they have been married 70 years! That is not a typo. Seventy years!!! I get dizzy just thinking about how I’ll have been married 8 years this Oct, 70 years seems like a dream. Who knows if any of us will even live to be 70, but to be married that long, wow. And for those of you wondering, they were not 2 when they got married. They were 21 and almost 21. My grandpa was born in the fall of 1919 and my grandma in the summer of 1920. They amaze me. My grandmother is sweet, loving, nurturing, she is doing very well, and the only medication she has is eye drops. Neither of them needs a walker or wheelchair and both can still drive. My grandfather is also amazing, he still teaches us after being retired from a teacher/principal/superintendent for as long as I can remember, he’s a proud WWII vet, and he survived a heart attack a little over 10 years ago. They have 6 children, 13 grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren with 2 of the great-grandkids who are now adults and living away from home and 2 of them under a year. I hope that my grandparents stay healthy and get to live to see their 80th. Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa, we all love you!


5 Responses to Happy 70th Wedding Anniversary Grandma & Grandpa…

  1. Congrats to them on such a milestone anniversary!

  2. Alissa says:

    Wow, that’s awesome and inspiring. Good for your grandparents! And happy anniversary to them!

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