Things to do…

Write a blog ~ Hi people!!!

Get back on Twitter ~ Check!

Get back on Facebook ~ Yep, did that too!

Update Myspace ~ Should I even bother with there any more?

Update my web page ~ Good Lord I haven’t done that in forever!

Write for at least 1 hour a day ~ I should be able to find an hour somewhere… you’d think.

Edit book two a little more and pass it out to my 3 beta testers ~ Is 3 good, should I have more?

Write an updated blog on e-readers ~ Boy, do I have more to say.  I can even write some on the Nook Color. 🙂

Read (and comment on) a few more blogs ~ If I have not been to your blog I will soon, it’s just taking me a while… sorry.

Inform the world about the baby ~ Yes, I had her and she is great! We are calling the kids by their middle names online so if you hear “Joy,” that’s my new little one!

Apologize about the length of time I was away ~ Sorry about the extended maternity leave but it was very necessary. I’m just glad to be back now and I hope everyone is doing well.

What am I forgetting?

Sarah Winters