I don’t do sick well…

So the reason I’ve been gone for a few days is I’ve been sick. It was a nasty cold; although I thought for awhile it might have been the bubonic plague, tuberculosis, rabies, bronchitis, typhoid fever, malaria, and the flu all mixed together in some awful cocktail of sickness, I was wrong. That didn’t change the fact that I was out of it for a few days. Most colds don’t knock me over as bad as this one did, but boy, this one did. I will admit I’ve never been the best at being sick. I’m whiney. I hate taking medication. I wouldn’t go to the doctor unless I have too. This time I did call the doctor, I was grateful that they didn’t want to see me. I ate chicken soup… I hate chicken soup. I didn’t take a shower… I take a shower at least once a day. I napped… I NEVER nap. I didn’t do dishes, clean up, or help with anything. My husband actually missed work to stay home with me. That was the first time he’s ever stayed home for me being sick. He has come home a few times early so I didn’t have to get the kids from school when I’ve been sick before, but the missing work thing was new. He also felt bad, he brought this one home. This was just a nasty cold. For about 4 days straight (5 for Richard) we ran fevers of 99 – 99.8. No medication was strong enough to knock it down. Thank goodness it never went high. Richard had a headache with his, I didn’t. I even used being sick to stop drinking caffeine. I always get a headache when I don’t drink it, but I was too busy napping and coughing to feel it. I had some of the running nose, Richard never did. The kids are still sick. My oldest (asthmatic) seems to be holding on to it, but the fever is gone. I think hers lasted 5 days. We got sick the same day so Richard helped take care of her. My little one still has a light fever, but no headache. I could keep going on, but I was bored being sick, so I’m sure others don’t want to be bored hearing about my cold. I did nothing for those few days really. I jumped on Twitter once or twice and that’s about it. I’m hoping that I didn’t say anything too foolish. Typing under the influence of sickness could be very bad.
I hope everyone out there stays healthy, gets rest, and stays home if their sick.

I wrote that right after I got sick with the cold over a week ago, and then there was a tummy something that happened. I’m still not feeling perfect but I think I can get back to work. I was just doing the bare minimum over the last few days. Like whining, taking the kids to school, trying to eat, trying to keep it down, and doing the laundry that had to be done. I really shouldn’t complain too much. One year Richard was sick on January 1st and he was off and on with something new until his b-day in March. It didn’t seem like there was a full break.
I’m going to duck and cover whenever someone coughs or sneezes now. But I think (and hope) that I’m back in the loop. Now I’m catching up on everything… laundry, housework, laundry, dishes, laundry, reading blogs, laundry, posting blogs, laundry, and writing.


2 Responses to I don’t do sick well…

  1. Robyn says:

    I hope you feel 100% better soon and I bet you will. Before you know it, you’ll be doing cartwheeels :).

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