So, I need to write a new blog…

I know I need to write a new blog but sometimes new blogs don’t just fall into my lap from the sky. If they did it might hurt … I’ve read some pretty heavy blogs. Ok, bad pun, sorry. I’m moving on now past the pun.
This blog, the one you are reading right now, is a blog about blogging when there is nothing going on in a person’s mind (or life) to blog about. The sad truth is, I know we have all been here. We have all, at some point, thought, “I really need to update my blog, but what do I write about?” Then one ponders and contemplates, the kids do a few funny things, a friend says a witty comment, but nothing is worth writing a whole blog. What next? What now? One could always stoop to the point of writing about that one time when the guy next door went out and got his newspaper in his underwear and it was disgusting. But how many blog buddies would like to read that? Sometimes a dream can save a blog update or family coming over for a visit. Great ideas, stories, useful facts, fun facts, obscure facts, lesson learned, life experiences, or even interesting family history can save a blog update.
I’m afraid not much can save this blog. I’ve been so involved in my series my mind keeps thinking of it, visiting it, working on it problems, my mind doesn’t want me to write a blog. My mind wants me to write another chapter, complete a few more paragraphs, or better yet finish the book! This is when some writers ask for a fellow author if they’ll do an interview with them (and they can both post it). Another trick is a poll of something they can’t figure out. How many people like stuffed dragons over stuffed bears? Or when you were 5 did you think the ocean was thrilling, scary, or boring? Me? I’m writing this, this time. Next time I think I should do a poll… what do you think? Poll or no poll?


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