The Strongest Fire…

In this tale Mary is telling the first 100 years of her immortal life, starting in the year 1000 when she is transformed into a Vampiress.  Mary doesn’t handle the change very well and has a hard time fitting in.  After all, she is an Irish Catholic and has a strong love for life, God, and her deceased daughter.  Mary never presses her shipmates to believe as she does, but she never gives up in God and trying to do what is right.  And also she never gives up on trying to be on dry land.  In Mary’s reluctant journey we discover things as she does, about the vampire race, her new family, their personal beliefs, and many other things all while traveling on the sea.
Please read Mary’s story in The Strongest Fire coming soon to,,, and  The book will also be available to be ordered in most bookstores.  Thank you.


3 Responses to The Strongest Fire…

  1. Awesome. Can’t wait.

  2. Cool! Can’t wait until it comes out!!

  3. sarahwinters says:

    😀 Thank you, Lori and Christy.

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