August, September, October, November…

I have not counted days, weeks, and months like this since I was expecting my daughters.
Here’s what my chart thingy/timeline looks like right now.  I still don’t have any clue when my book will be done.  I know I’m close.  I know that even though I am close bad things can still happen.  I know I’ll have one more look at everything before it’s ready to be finished.  I don’t know how long that will take on their side, but from what I understand on my side it should just be a quick check and a stamp of approval.  I’m still hoping everything will be done before the Holidays

Send Marketing Success Workbook 08/03/2009 Ready  
Implement Proofreading Cover Corrections 11/10/2009 Active  
QA Proofreading Interior Modifications 11/10/2009 Ready  
Submit Materials 07/29/2009 Success  
Evaluate Manuscript 08/03/2009 Success  
EE Preparation 08/04/2009 Success  
Conduct Editorial Evaluation 08/04/2009 Success  
Conduct Evaluation QA 08/13/2009 Success  
Send Evaluation to Author 08/13/2009 Success  
Author Review Evaluation 08/17/2009 Success  
Editorial Consultation 08/17/2009 Success  
Submit Revised MS-Post Eval 08/28/2009 Success  
Conduct edit 08/28/2009 Success  
Conduct Edit QA 09/11/2009 Success  
Send Edit to Author 09/15/2009 Success  
Assign PSA to Project 09/24/2009 Success  
Prepare for Design 09/24/2009 Success  
Polish Cover Copy 09/24/2009 Success  
Setup Proofreading 09/30/2009 Success  
Design Interior 10/01/2009 Success  
Design Cover 10/01/2009 Success  
Author Review Edit 09/18/2009 Success  
Conduct Interior QA 10/02/2009 Success  
Conduct Cover Design QA 10/05/2009 Success  
Submit Final MS – Edit 10/06/2009 Success  
Confirm Proofreading Readiness 10/06/2009 Success  
Conduct Proofreading 10/06/2009 Success  
Conduct Proofreading QA 10/29/2009 Success  
Send Proofread to Author 10/29/2009 Success  
Author Review Proofreading Interior 10/29/2009 Success  
Author Review Proofreading Cover 10/29/2009 Success  
Submit Proofreading Corrections 11/10/2009 Success  
Implement Proofreading Interior Corrections 11/10/2009 Success  

10 Responses to August, September, October, November…

  1. cherilaser says:

    Hi, Sarah. Based on the terminlogy in your post, I’m wondering if you’re publishing with iUniverse …? If so, I think you might be interested in my new blog at If you start with the Blog Launch posting on November 4, you’ll catch up quickly. And then I’d welcome your comments and input.

    Meanwhile, good luck with your checklist!


    • sarahwinters says:

      Hi Cheri,
      Thanks. Yes, most of my blog so far has been a play-by-play of my experince with iUniverse. I forget to place their name in the blog sometimes but I always give them a ‘tag’ when I talk about working with them. 🙂 I should try to remember to say their name more often.
      Thank you for dropping in and saying “hi” feel free to at any time,

  2. It looks like you are so close. Awesome. So when it is ready where do we buy a copy?

    • sarahwinters says:

      Thank you, Lori!
      🙂 It should be for sale on Amazon but if you place an order at your local book store you should be able to get it that way as well. It just won’t be modeled for any book stores. I’d go with Amazon, because I’ve seen so many companies work better with them. No one wants a bad name with Amazon. But Barnes and Noble as well as Borders will also have it available to order.
      I was thinking of making a blog about the book either this weekend, or next… before “Black Friday”. I’m also going to update my website with more info about the book and the series.
      Thank you again,

  3. Cheri says:

    Good morning, Sarah! What’s the title of your book? And when is the scheduled release date?

    Also, you could easily post the Keynote and Book Jacket Description (from your Marketing Materials section) right here on this blog to start getting the word out.

    Just a thought, having been through the process myself. I’m looking forward to hearing more.


    • sarahwinters says:

      Thanks, Cheri,
      I’m going to do a little blog with the title and more of the description this weekend… the title is The Strongest Fire.
      I have not been given a date AT ALL. I have no idea when the book should be out. I really wish I did, but no one has let me know anything about when it will be ready.

  4. cherilaser says:

    Hi, Sarah. You should have been assigned a Publishing Consultant at the beginning of the process, and you should have been given that individual’s extension. If you have that person’s name and number, call on Monday to find out where your book is in the queue. Since you’ve already been through the editing and proofing cycles, the Publishing Consultant should have some idea of how much time remains in the production process.

    If you don’t have a name, call 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677) ext 5045. Let them know where you are in the process, and they should be able to help you find the right person who can give you some sort of timeline.


    • sarahwinters says:

      Thank you again, Cheri,
      I’ll do that. I do still have their number. I already have to call my PSA about a small problem that came up with the back cover of the hardback. I just received the final proofs right before they closed yesterday. I’m guessing most of Monday morning I’ll be on the phone with them. But I’m sure everything will be worked out. 🙂 I did already e-mail them with the back cover issue, but I think talking over the phone might work better. As soon as I have a date I will post it. That was why I haven’t been blogging much about the title or the storyline. I feel more comfortable doing that with being able to post a date of the release at the end of the blog, even a loose date. Like being able to state “by mid-November” or even “the book will be out this December.”
      Thank you again and I will call them,

  5. cherilaser says:

    Remember that you can never start promoting your book too soon. Even if you don’t have a release date, I would recommend publishing the title and all of the marketing text through your blog, to start getting folks primed.

    • sarahwinters says:

      Thanks… I’m still getting the hang of when to start talking and how much to say. But the next blog, it’ll be up in a minute and I think I gave just the right amount of info. 🙂 Then the next blog I’ll do (after this one that I’m doing today) will be the back of the book.

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