Happy Halloween one of the craziest times of the years…

Just in time for my daughter’s birthday I get back my proofread.  So of course it’s in the back of my head and will be there until this weekend is over.  I forgot not only is it b-day party, slumber party, Halloween party, its family b-day party at grandma’s on Sunday.  WHY DID I SAY YES?!?!?!  I think my daughters have discovered the ‘ask an author while they are in the middle of writing and they will say yes to things (sometimes) without thinking’ fact.  I had already said yes to the slumber party and Halloween party while I was not under the influence of characters in a book.  It was the extra party I didn’t plan on.  Then my husband reminded me that we are going over to his mom’s Sunday and that’s about the time I started banging my head against the wall.
The proofread looks really good.  There are very few problems and I am allowed 50 free changes.  The book cover looks a little different than I thought… they didn’t use the font I requested.  The way it looks though is nice, it’s not bad at all.  My husband doesn’t think I should ask to change it, so I probably won’t.  They did do something slightly odd.  I didn’t want a dust jacket/clothbound and it looks like they set me up with that type.  The reason I requested casebound is because I hated working with the dust jackets when I was in the library and I always take them off when I read a book, as do both of my daughters and my husband.  But I’m guessing it was just part of the package and they just designed it.  At least I am hoping that is the case.  But I will call on Monday and ask.  All and all I think I will be done with this part soon hopefully a day or two after this party weekend
I hope everyone has a safe night.  If you are drinking please let someone else do the driving, hitting a child who is out trick-or-treating would be a nightmare for everyone.


2 Responses to Happy Halloween one of the craziest times of the years…

  1. I think of your post about the lady at the book signing and how you all thought her cover was not great. Obviously she was not talking so you don’t know but maybe that cover was not what she wanted either but didn’t say anything. I worry that you will look back and wish you asked for what you know you want. I will say though, I take off the dusk jacket when I read and I tend to really live with my book while I’m reading it. I stick it in my purse and pull it out and put it in and eat snacks and drink coffee and by the time I’m ready to shelf the book it looks grubby so I do love putting the dust jacket back on and having the clean cover for display on my bookshelf. I can’t wait to read it. I would come to your signing and buy a book.

  2. sarahwinters says:

    Thank you Lori,
    It’s funny how you brought up the dust jacket when you did. One of my PTA friends just (just as in right before I read your comment) told me that she loves books with the dust jackets. We weren’t even talking about that, we were talking about my daughter’s visits to the orthodontist being every 3 weeks and how I forgot a book this last time. But anyway she told me that she loves to pull her clothbound book out (without the dust jacket on) and read it. She said that the plainer it is without a cover the better because at that point, no matter what she’s reading, it’s a mystery. She could be reading the steamiest romance but to those around her it’s unknown. I thought that was kind’a cool. Your reasoning is a lot more logical then my PTA friend though and I do understand it. If I had not grown to hate them with my jobs I would definitely want to go with the jacket. It’s hard sometimes because I need to stop and think, “The more popular style is probably like that for a reason.” Maybe next time I should do a little poll. 🙂 The dust jacket would more then likely win.
    I’m giving myself this weekend before I tell them about any changes and everyday I take a look at the cover and think, “Is that the font I want?” Because, like you pointed out, it wouldn’t be good if I didn’t like it and was stuck with it.
    I feel so bad for that lady. I know she might not have picked out the cover. It was like an author’s nightmare book signing. I really do regret not buying her book, even if it was only to give her a little hope. I hope she is doing well and that the one signing I saw was her only bad one. I hope she travels to many schools, school book fairs, and interests countless children with her book.

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