Or what if I just do something ditsy…

Cool, so I looked at an e-mail (we talk more then e-mail) and it shows what job position my middle man has… he is an Editorial Consultant.  I think that his job title works better then ‘middle man’
Alright, so I sent in my manuscript last night and I made a mistake.  I forgot to un-highlight one simple little word, “man”.  I highlight things that I might change, but am a little unsure of.  So I woke up knowing, just knowing, I left something highlighted.  I run to the computer, turning it on, waited for forever for it to warm up, and found I was right.  And it’s right in the middle of the book too.  It’s in chapter 23 out of 45… blah!  hehe ~ so one of the ‘what ifs’ happened, the ‘What if I mess up something simple?’ one.
So I call my new best friend, Mr. Editorial Consultant, and tell him.  (FIY ~ its 5:45am here and its 8:45am there.)  He told me all was fine and not to worry, to stop dreaming about my manuscript, and take a nice long nap.  He even sent me an email with some info in it and again told me to go back to bed.  LOL.  I felt like an idiot but I did catch the mistake.  My husband laughed at me, because I debated looking over it one last time and decided not to and to just go to bed and put it out of my mind… yeah right, easier said then done.
While on the phone I was also informed of a few things that I hope my pre-caffeine (yes, I’m back to drinking just one soda a morning) brain took in.  From what I understand I will have a whole book team, they will look at everything.  There will be one that is in charge.  He/She is a Publishing Services Associate aka PSA and he/she will be in charge at this point; except I will call Mr. Editorial Consultant at least one last time about the proofread so that can be done.  Mr. Editorial Consultant has been awesome and he let me know I can call if I need info.  🙂  Please forgive the one highlighted word if that doesn’t get caught!  I’m sure it will, but wow I feel like an idiot.  I checked that thing about 1000000000 times… how did I miss it… oh well, at least it’s not a ‘fatal flaw’!
But now I wait and I will be assigned a PSA.  Then I will talk to them and the ‘cover copy polish’ will be underway.
All I know in times and dates is, they might need the proofread to happen sometime in Nov.  I have no clue though as to when it will be done.  I’m still hoping before Christmas.
I just logged into my account and found that I have been assigned a Ms. PSA!
I started this all on Aug. 3 rd, so this is all moving along smoothly… so far.  I just hope it keeps going that way.  I will do a dates chart thingy later, when I’m either done or closer to it.

FYI ~ I have typed this blog in my word first and it has taken me all day due to interruptions… an insane amount!


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