I caught a bad case of the ‘what ifs’…

I had a nice talk with my middle man and he feels it would be a waste to have them do both the proofread and have the content editor go back over it.  He feels that I only need to have it proofread.  Both cost the same ($0.11 per word) so there is no profit with one over the other.  I think he feels it would do better to have another set of eyes going over it.  I feel safe trusting him, so I think one more read with it printed out, or at least the chapters with the new scenes printed out and re-read.  I might just print out the new stuff for my husband to go over one last time, and then have me go over all of it.  My middle man told me it should be fine right now, but if I fell more comfortable with going over it again, one more time, then to do it.  But since I am having a proofreading done too, 2 times read should be enough.  He did like the idea the content editor gave about printing it out and reading it.

What I loved the most (and found very helpful) was before I submitted it the first time my husband read it out loud to me and we both caught things nether of us had caught before.  It was great.  I highly recommend this to anyone who has someone willing to this for them.  I am so lucky, right now he is reading over some of it for me… lets just hope I can read any of his side notes.  His handwriting is worse then a preschooler’s.  It was the one thing he hated about being in the classroom.

Well I have to get back to work.  I have a few typos I caught, that I want to un-typo.  Then I’ll do the ones Richard caught.  Then I think I’ll submit it tomorrow.  I am so nervous, what if I forgot something, or worded it wrong, or anything, or what if the house blows up and all of my computers die and I can’t do anything anymore… eek!  Or what if our computer beagle, who likes to stand on my husband’s computer and open up his widgets, learns how to delete files on my computer… There are many ‘what ifs’!


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