The wait…

So far it has taken me about 1 month, but it will take near that long for the edit, then I will need to go over the edit, and so on. I am hoping I can have this out before Christmas, but I wished I would have started it so I could time the releases with summer. Being a mom with 2 school age kids, and being a wife of a high school English teacher turned school librarian, summer is the best time for me to do promote my book. I still should be able to, well we will see. As it is right I’ll see my manuscript back in near Sept 17th. Then I will touch it up and I might be done by early October, maybe November, from there it will need a proofread (at $.011 a word) and a re-edit that cost the same… so another $2,200-ish with those 2 combined. It sounds like I might only need one of these, but we will see. I just hope this will be worth it. I do enjoy typing and telling stories so there is no regret, I just hope the world enjoys reading as much as I enjoyed typing. Christmas might be cutting it close… I will let everyone know when I am sure of the date and the cost of the book. Plus when I am all done, I will take all the receipts and what they were for and share the entire price… all hidden/extra fees everything included. So far I have come to the conclusion that one should save at least $7,000 to do this, but the more money saved the better. The extra cash can always be spent on marketing and/or extra books or features.


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