I did not expect to type this so soon…

Just received a timeline for my book; they have found an editor! They think they will be done in two weeks. That’s good since I was told 2 or 3 weeks from the start. Then it will go through a review to make sure the editor did their job. That will take 2 or 3 days. The editor thinks Sept 14th is when he/she will be done. I was e-mailed not to expect to see anything before Sept 17th. WOW! 😀
I will know nothing about the editor except that they have been hired out form a ‘big time New York publisher.’ That is all I am told. When this is done I am under the impression I am allowed to know who they are. I assume I am allowed to thank them as well, but I have not been told that. I also understand that I will not be given contact info because people were abusing this info and using it to their advantage by contacting the editor for ‘help’ with the next book. Then no one was paying them for the work. Back to the timeline. I was told that it might take longer then this to find an editor, I am just very happy that an editor was found. I wish I at least knew the gender, calling them he/she just feels wrong but I’m not going to ask until they’re done. My big question that I need to ask is, ‘if I am very happy with them and I go this route again (which I very likely to do) I want the same middleman, and possibly the same editor. So will I be allowed to ask for these people and maybe get them?’ We’ll see how this all goes. I have heard very good things about their editors but my fingers are still crossed.

Note to reader ~ typed this in a rush sorry if there are misspelling and typos.


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