I am going to also add this to the ‘about me’ area…

I travel, I don’t sit still, and I never have.  I was born in Tacoma, Washington and moved to Germany where I lived for about 4 years, and then we moved to Texas where I lived for a few months.  I have lived all over California and still travel all up and down the west coast.  I used to drive two times a month from Sacramento to near LA… we did that from the time I was 8 until I was 13, then we moved to South California and I have been here since.  I love to travel and I do it often.  I go to the coast a lot.  I love Morro Bay and Solvang.  My husband and I shop when we travel and we love going to indie book stores and music stores.  One finds the greatest surprises in these places!  My family is huge and in order to see them sometimes I have to go to Arizona, Utah, South Dakota (I still have yet to go there, my cousins just moved), Washington, all over CA, Nebraska, Tennessee, Nevada, and Kentucky.  I have been to most of those states at least once, most many times.  I have also been to New York and New Mexico plus many place in Europe when I was young.  I travel, I was an Army brat, and when my mother and father got out of the service when I was 5 we still traveled everywhere.  I went to a year round school and my grandparents would pick my brother and me up in there motor home or airplane and take us many places.  Yes, my grandfather, who was a teacher, principle, superintendant, taught navigation in WWII, grew oranges for Sunkist, and built houses in the summer… he also had a 5 seater plane.  The inside was like a small car, and 3 people could fit in the back… tight and 2 in the front.  The trunk was a little larger than a cars.  The plane was very loud and very uncomfortable to squeeze in there.  But when it was just my little brother, grandmother, grandfather, and me there was room.  Grandpa sold his plane when I was 17, I was so sad when he did, but he was getting too old to fly it.  Year round school allowed my brother and me to be around them when all of our cousins were in school still, and we were allowed to have a tight bond with them.  They are now nearing 90… grandpa will be 90 this year and grandma next.  They have traveled more than anyone I know.  When I am older and a grandmother I hope to get to travel like they have… and maybe with grandchildren too.


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