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Working on working

Posted July 24

So today I am going to sit down and go over what my husband edited from my book.  This might take a week.  We decided that while we wait he would run over everything.  So I printed it out (he did not want to tamper with my original work)… wait I am being me I should start this at the beginning…
My husband is and English teacher, he has now had a library credential and works in the school library.  He also does book reviews for a magazine.  So asking my husband to help with the editing is a good idea.  There that should shed a little light where it might be needed.
He read my book from start to finish then told me to add more detail to a few areas that were lacking (this was in the beginning… last year.)  After that (a week ago until yesterday) he read it again this time making notes and corrected grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and sentence structure.
Now today (as long as life allows) we are going to go over a few chapters day by day until we are done.  I had thought I was done, but my husband suggested a good polish to send in… if anyone ever says yes.  I know I have done a bad, I am telling everyone in my query letters it is done.  Since most people do not have the nice ability to ask their spouse and get someone like my hubby (I’m sure I am not the only one with this gift though) I do not think it’s wrong to do, plus we have said at this point if some says “send it in” we will just rush over it in a day or two.  I have not been sending it in to the “first 50 pages” literary agents yet… I will start that when the first 50 pages are gone over and done with.
The sad thing is I am getting agents who say I have a good query letter, but my topic is too popular.  The poor chi-lit authors are getting the ‘nobody is buying’ and us vampire authors are getting ‘the market is flooded and I am already carrying a number of those’ type responses.  I am grateful that I have been told that my letter was good… just not good enough, I guess.
I feel a little stupid though, I sat on this book / series to wait until vampires were back in and now they are, and I can’t budge.  I guess I should say, “I sat on the idea with an out line, of my book/series too long.”  I did not actually type them until now.
I also waited until I was done with my second book (very rough draft) and added a lot more to my outline for the third book, before I started looking for an agent.  I have heard doing this can be a good idea.
Well that is enough for the day… please anyone feel free to add help or even stories.
Best wishes to all who are trying,


I am feeling butterflies of nervousness…

Aug. 4

My book is going though an editorial evaluation at the moment.  There is no reason to sit on it… right?  So, right now someone is reading, critiquing, and studying my manuscript.

This does not let my nerves feel at ease.  I am sitting here wondering if I am going to lose a lot of sleep and weight over this.  I’m not all that brave when it comes to others seeing inside and knowing what I thought up… there have been several times over this last month where I have asked, “What have I gotten myself into?”

And the whole time my husband is standing next to me saying, “Go for it!”

I am so uneasy, he is going to come home and wish he had just let me sit in the closet and type my stories for his eyes and mine only.

Though there is another part of my Gemini brain saying, “Why sit at all while you are looking for a publisher?  Get it published with POD.  And then you can still look and type and do all that you want.”

Sometime I let the other side of my Gemini brain make decisions, but she can be childish and eat a whole box of See’s if I let her.  Seriously though I don’t know… there are many options and I just do not know which road to go down… I’ve researched into this until I have gone cross-eyed.  I think I should just go out and get some See’s but I am worried the butterflies might not like chocolate.


I wanted to let everyone know that I am sure my husband did a great job, but we both felt it best to also have someone go over it and let us know what they think.


Oh… I forgot…

Aug 7

I forgot over all this work and everything I forgot to add in that I am proud I did the outlines for books 4 and 5, just to have them done.  They are just the general outline, not as much depth to them as there is in the 3rd right now.  Although I have a few pages for the fifth done and then the fourth has been in my head forever.  It’s funny, once I get to four and five there will be no thinking; it will just be putting it down on paper.  The third has to be there, but there are still a few chapters that I am lacking right now.  I think that’s why the outlines for 4th and 5th are so general, the book is all there right now, I just needed to put little things down to remember it all.  I think in a month I will be writing the third.  Right now I am going over the 2nd book, so I can make sure that there are no contradictions within the two.  For example I am making sure I did not say an insignificant guy was short and then in the next book make him tall.  Then I will get back to writing.
I think there is no wonder as to why the dishes are starting to get a little backed up…



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